Aquarius Full Moon - Shining our Unique and Original Self bravely

Aquarius Full Moon at 9 degrees 1st August 2023

Happy August Fellow Life-travellers!

August starts off with a bang with the high energy of the full moon in the sign of the Water bearer at 9 degrees.
 As always at this time of the lunar cycle, when the moon is exactly opposite to the sun in the sky, it can be an intense and busy time with sometimes an excess of energy coursing through our systems.

Here in Leo season, the focus is on the archetype of the dignified King or Queen, confidently sitting in their authority receiving the respect and attention of their audience. We might at this time of the year feel our sun-loving, Latino passionate selves come to the fore with perhaps an urge to be seen, to express ourselves creatively, to play and act out dramatically. There is also a link from Leo to the Celeb, starring in the show of our life, expecting the golden things of life, sometimes in an entitled way, but also with a feeling a sense of self-worth as if being an aristocrat everyone knows and revers.
In the highest expression of Leo, this confidence comes from Heart connection and wisdom, with a strong sense of integrity and  basking in healthy self-worth.
In the opposite sign of Aquarius, however, the sense of originality and eccentricity reigns. A sense of the community around us connects us to an invitation of how our unique and sometimes quirky side can contribute to the wider betterment and progression of mankind.
Aquarius also invites us to reflect on how social and childhood conditioning might have affected our sense of self. The Jungian process of Individuation allows us to become conscious of what is uniquely us when conditioning has been acknowledged and processed. Aquarius energy can also be linked to the archetype of the outsider or rebel, where the automatic response is one of disassociation and rejection, turning down suggestions purely because Aquarius does not like being told what to do.

Some useful questions at time might be;

-What uniquely quirky side of me (Aquarius) am I now allowing to shine (Leo)?

- What progressive ideas/endeavours might I now be confident to express?

- What insight are gifted to me now regarding my conditioning (Aquarius) which might block from following my hearts’ bliss?

- Where in my life am I coming in from the cold into the warmth and light?

With the rulers of this Aquarius full moon, Uranus in Taurus and Saturn in Pisces, there is a feminine and Yin quality to this full moon nicely balancing the masculine energy of Leo and Aquarius. Uranus in Taurus is updating and changing how we relate to Mother Nature and our sense of self-worth, whilst Saturn in Pisces demands a commitment to our Mystic and spiritual connection. This balance of masculine and feminine energy speaks of coming from the inside and our personal experience and then expressing and sharing that inner Wisdom and individual Truth bravely.

Wishing you a bold, original Full Moon!

Summer blessings,


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