About Artist Sara Samuelsson

Sara Samuelsson is a landscape artist exploring our connection with nature and wider energies of the cosmos.
The sacred landscape of Penwith, where the artist lives, is abundant in ancient Celtic sites where people lived in sensitivity and harmony with nature.
A 2D artist, Sara weaves together myth and magic, folklore and dreams, hoping to create visual reminders of the beauty and mystery of life.
In her most recent work her fascination with the moon in all its phases plays an important role inviting our daily lives to dance with the rythms of the Earth's seasons and archetypal energies of the Universe.
Sara grew up on a remote island in the Baltic, moving to Falmouth to study art in 2005. Her intimate connection with the surrounding land growing up, continues to play a central role in her work, along with the same rugged and wild sense of nature echoed in the expanse of west Penwith.