‘Know Thyself’ was written on the Apollo temple in Delphi and has always resonated with me. For me Astrology provides a tool box for self-reflection, based on the symbolic correlations between the cosmic movements of the planets and earthly events and states of mind.

Which is my approach to Astrology? 

With Psychological Astrology as my starting point I use the approach of Evolutionary Astrology to help guide and support my clients on their unique journey of self-acceptance and soul growth in this life time.

Personally I have found the birth chart to validate and confirm our path and challenges in an immensely reassuring and encouraging way, and my role in this process is simply as an interpreter and witness, holding space for the journey of bringing the symbolic into conscious reality.

Evolutionary Astrology looks at the birth chart, not only in terms of character description, but more as a tool and a map to chart where life lessons and learning are scheduled for this life time. A bit like a lesson plan the placement of the planets and their interactions, describe what it is time to learn this time around. How the native chooses to respond to this invitation is left to free will. This is where Consciousness, and the cultivating of this, enters and mixes with the Astrology in the Evolutionary approach, to nurture more enlightened and heart-centred life choices.

What next?

If you are interested in your personal birth chart do get in touch to schedule a time over Zoom. To calculate your birth chart I need your time of birth (as accurate as possible), date of birth and place of birth. 

It is also very useful to have an area of focus or inquiry to start with.