Bringing ourselves bravely into relationships

Full Moon in Aries 29th Sept 12.25 PM at 6 degrees

Watch out, here comes the second full moon of the month! And in the fiery sign of Aries! Full Moons can be intense and dizzyingly buzzing, but in the sign of the action-charged, Mars-ruled, first sign of the zodiac it might be even more so.

Aries, starting off the astrological year in the spring has the same vibe of fierce life energy, bursting forward against all odds of winter. Aries is the spark that sets things in motion, often in a hasty, yet ground-breaking fashion. Aries is the sign of the Hero, the Leader, the Soldier and the Pioneer at the higher vibration. On the other side this energy can be a Walking Emergency or a Hothead as Steven Forrest puts it.
There is a go-it-alone tendency with Aries, and having freedom and independence is indeed important with this energy prominent in your chart. Highlighted also at this full moon can be a directness and trusting of the instinctual ‘Yes!’, to something which lift your energy and fills your tummy with fire. Of course, anger can be a tendency at this time as well and urges to jump before looking.
As we travel through Libra season here in September, there is a balancing of energies at this time of the full moon. Libra is the sign of grace, finesse, culture and of course of relationships. (All the things Aries is not!) With the south node transiting through this sign, there is an emptying out here of the lower expressions of Libra, such as co-dependency, indecisiveness, people-pleasing and over-compromising. With the south node here for 18 months, we are invited to release and let go of unhealthy relationship patters and people in our lives in order to come back to our own independence and inner fierceness with the North node in Aries.
The ruler, Mars, of this full moon also points us in the direction of the south node as its passage through Libra is about to go over the south node around this time in the lunation cycle. When Mars comes to call, he often brings a severing, burning away, a volatility or an action packed time. In linking the Mars in Libra to the south node, there can be a passive-aggressiveness emerging or a frustration at having to co-operate in order to move forward toward our goals. There is collaboration suggested here, where both you and the other benefits, but it is important to come to the negotiating table with self-awareness (Aries) of your passions, pioneering projects and behaviours. In this way, with the illumination this full moon offers us into our Aries side, we can work more productively with Mars in Libra and the South node in Libra, balancing both ourselves and others in equal give-and-take and mutual brave endeavours.

Wishing you a self-loving Full Moon,


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