Cancer New Moon -Allowing ourselves to feel and fill up our cup

Here at the beginning of July we have our first lunation of the month in the sign of the Crab. This marks a new beginning in the area of your chart occupied by Cancer and offers a good time to set new intentions here and to feel for what is trying to emerge.

As always, the energy at the new moon can be quite low and internal. An invitation to flow with the lunar cycle and to come to a still, quite place to rest for the coming building of energy towards the full moon.

Cancer is ruled by the Moon in astrology and so as a sign is closely connected with the ebb and flow of the different phases in the cycle. It is a water sign and associated with emotions, imagination, intuition and nurturance. As with the Moon, Cancer is all about sensing and feeling. It is the first Water sign of the Zodiac and so it holds the most personal emotional realm as its gift. Here in cancer season we often feel a need to withdraw and rest after a busy extrovert Gemini season of May and June, to self-care, and nurture ourselves.

Cancer is associated with the archetypes of the Great Mother, the Dreamer and the Healer. Harnessed to its best potential, this energy gifts us with a deep emotional intelligence, connection to our dreams and unconscious as well as a strong intuitive function. Cancer rides the waves of emotional ups and downs and uses its vulnerability to life as its strongest connection to healing and self-care. At this time of the new moon we may use this to tap into anything that still needs healing within us and which needs some tender love and care. Just like the Great Mother of the sea, Cancer holds the fort for you to feel deeply and release anything painful. After a good cry life feels better and makes space for new life to flow in.

-What is coming up for you now in dreams and in imagination? Is there a theme?

-What does your inner softness need at this time? What would feel really nurturing and nice?

-How can you be more gentle with yourself and protect your boundaries to feel safe?

-What is emerging now in you for healing and simply to feel?

With Saturn in Pisces forming a helpful trine to this New Moon, we have some support from the Wise Hermit to form perhaps a helpful habit at this time. A habit which might help us stay in touch with our inner landscape and to be firm in asserting what we need. Saturn asks us to keen going with something important to us and to find a structure which holds the space for us to heal and recover and regenerate. Perhaps it takes the shape of a regular mediation time, routine swimming in the seas or regular chats with a therapist. Whatever intention you set at this time, know that they will invite us into a strong relationship with ourselves, filling up our own cup to overflow onto everyone around.

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