Cancer New Moon -Coming Home to Ourselves

Here at the end of June we have a New Moon in the sign of Cancer at 7 degrees.

With the moon as the Ruler of Cancer and in turn this lunation it is a lovely time for some gentle self-care. Cancer is a cardinal water sign and is associated with a soft, gentle, nurturing energy along with mothering, home and family. This emotionally sensitivity can be life a flood wave at times in the harsh world we live in and hence the crab needs its hard, protective shell to hide in.

This building of a safe space to emotionally feel and empathically sense means building relationships with you live with or are like family is a core aim of the Cancer journey. Just like a warm, fluffy blanket or a mother's embrace the Cancer energy can create a protected, guarded space to relax and feel all that is going on within.

Both Cancer and the Moon are associated with home, family and the Mother archetype and so at this dark phase of the moon it is a good time to feel ourselves tentatively and to treat ourselves to creature comforts. A bubble bath, a tub of ice cream or an afternoon nap might feel just right. If moodiness or emotional overwhelm arises know that retreating for some kind self-care might be the best course of action.

The gift of Cancer season and any such placements in the chart lies exactly in that ability to feel emotions strongly and to be sensitive and empathic. The journey of healing, one might say, starts here, with internally tuning into the inner ebbs and flows of ourselves. As the first of the water signs and the cardinal one, the action started here is the one of standing still and going inwards. Being in touch with what is going on for us, is a crucial part of understanding and acknowledging our subjective truth, which might seem like an obvious first step, but by no means an easy one. To feel our difficulties, our wounds, our pains we require that self-care and loving kindness to gently hold ourselves. Having a good cry doesn't necessarily change anything externally but somehow it can significantly alter how we feel. Crying is healing, I think we have all experienced this magic at some point or other.

Cancer can have nostalgic moments, remembering the past and re-living emotions of times gone by. This season can in this offer a chance to re-feel old pains which are now ready to be experienced, cried over and in so healed.

This healing process goes so well with the stage of the New Moon when we also are invited to rest, recuperate and restore our inner balance. In ancient tribes, our ancestral mothers nurtured each other through their monthly communal moon-bleeding working less and spending more time in seclusion. Similarly, we can create a safe, nurturing space to rest and let new intentions for the new lunar cycle ahead.
Depending on which house this lunation falls in in your chart, watch for new Cancerian seeds being planted. Perhaps a family holiday, a new home or a focus on the mothering, care-taking role or perhaps a gentle healer emerging in your field of awareness.
Simply feeling held by this gentle part of the summer season, embraced in the ocean waves.

Wishing you a protectively embracing summer New Moon,


Helpful questions at this time

-What gives me a warm, held, fuzzy feeling?

-Where is my safe retreat where I can be with my emotional ups and downs?

-How do I enjoy being mothered/cared for?

-What little kind creature comforts would I be nurtured by at this time?

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