Dance to your own Unique tune -New Moon in Aquarius

Aquarius New Moon at 20 degrees

Alongside the Chinese New Year on the 10th we have this year the New Moon of February. As always the new moon indicates a seeding point and new start but this one also welcoming in the Year of the Dragon is something a little extra. I am feeling this as a very potent time to plant new intentions and dreams not merely for the next lunation cycle of the month ahead but for the whole year of 2024.

Aquarius is sometimes associated with making quantum leaps and being connected to all possibilities and potentials. It is an air sign very much able to hold patterns and abstract themes affording a soaring eagle’s detached perspective high above the conundrum and hubbub of everyday life. Aquarius’s main drives is to progress humanity for the betterment of everyone in equal measures and therefore it is sometimes seen as the archetype of the Rebel or Genius. There is an invitation seemingly for us to think outside the box here and embrace our quirkiness and originality so that others also feel comfortable being their unique selves. As partly herd animals I think we humans sometimes struggle with this, as going against the stream makes us potentially vulnerable and misjudged. Aqaurius find its happy place though in seeking out its own niche tribe where progressive and ahead-of-the-curve thoughts can make an appreciated contribution. Community is core here but without sacrificing our own uniqueness, but rather letting it form a supporting addition to the patch work of humankind.
Uranus, one of the rulers of this new moon, makes a challenging square at 19 degrees, asking us to check in with our authenticity even though it might be hard. In Taurus, with its underlying theme of self-worth, our authenticity will support us to feel worthy of receiving in the very Taurean realm of the material 3D. Uranus is the planet of awakening and change, in other words, another wave of opportunity to shake life up for the better. To let the walls of convention, rules and protection crumble to let in the light and fresh air. Uranus assist us in harnessing the quantum field where your vibration determines your reality, i.e., how we think and feel about our circumstance can quickly alter the material realm under energetic weather such as these. Perhaps trying one of Joe Dispenzas mediations at this time to step into the thoughts and feelings of your dreams.
It is also important at this time, with all the change and sudden movements forward to honour the realms of Taurus, such as the body, to ground into silence and connect to nature and our animal wisdom. Aquarius and Uranus can be heady energies, so staying in touch with the earth is key in order to move forward without falling over.

Some helpful questions at this time might be:

  • What tune would I dance to if no one was looking?
  • What would I like to change in my life and how can I step into that reality through adjusting my vibration?
  • What is eccentric, original and unique about me and how might that be of use to humanity?
  • If I had a great power behind me (Pluto, now in Aquarius), what progressive or humanitarian path might I take now?
  • How might I sometimes reject normalcy with a knee-jerk reaction simply to rebel in an unhealthy way?
  • If I allowed myself more freedom and spontaneity in my day-to-day how might my vibration change?

Wishing you an exciting yet grounded New Moon!



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