Dialogue with our Inner Wise Self

Libra Solar Eclipse March 25th 2024

We are now approaching the first Eclipse Season of 2024, with the Libra Lunar Eclipse on the 25th March at 5 degrees starting us off.
Eclipses, when the Luminaries take turns being in shadow, can be powerful pivot times in our lives, sometimes causing us to come a crux point which we have to deal with. This is why eclipses are said to bring both sudden endings and beginnings, especially if they tie in with the planets in our Natal chart. If eclipses do not align with your Birth chart they can pass by unnoticed so it is worth locating 5 degrees in your chart to check where this eclipse will take place.
With this eclipse in Libra there might be something about the Libra part of your chart, along with any planets, which is brought to the fore and requires attention. Libra is the sign of the Balance scales and is associated with the archetype of the Diplomat, the Peacemaker and the Artist with a strong focus on justice, fairness and harmony. However, it also brings in themes of seeing both sides of the coin and how it is to live with paradox, lingering in the space of ‘Both’ and ‘And’. No wonder, Libra can be caught in a place of indecision and ambivalence. Dialogue and exchange of viewpoints with another is needed and desired here as we connect with people around us.
Libra can sometimes be so invested in keeping the peace that at times authenticity and truth gets side lined. We have to be curious and aware at this time when our desire to please and not to rock the boat comes up.
Libra’s healthy expression manifests when we first honour our own needs and wishes, and only after proceed to compromise and negotiate from a place of self-worth. Only then can our synergy become more than its part.
With Venus, ruling Libra and subsequently this upcoming eclipse, making its way through Pisces, a more mystical and intuitive, poetic feel is added to this powerful alignment. Venus in Pisces has to watch for self-sacrificing in relating to others and allow time to spend in touch with Source and Soul. The dialogue and desire to connect of Libra might be with an inner Wise Self, filling us up with loving-kindness and compassion until it overflows onto those around us in our day-to-day.

Wishing you a Relational Lunar Eclipse,


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