Full Moon in Aries at 16 degrees - A check-in with Self

The first lunation this month is a full moon in Aries on the 9th of October. Wherever you have Aries fire in your chart this coming weekend will be illuminated or shone s spotlight on as with all full moons. It might be something coming to a head or culmination where you might have a clear overview as if viewing a situation from above.
The Aries energy is the realm of the warrior or the hero, striking out on a new adventure, rising to a fresh challenge,  or pioneer a new venture. Aries being a fire sign there is a certain impulsiveness and boldness associated with the sign. It is also connected to the self and being very much an independent entity. In contrast to its opposite sign of Libra, Aries is not often aware of other people and their thoughts, hence it can be misunderstood as selfish and crude. However, acting is something Aries does instinctively and quickly from an almost gut level and not intentionally inconsiderately.
Making use of this energy at this up-coming full moon can be done by acting on and the speeding up a decision to access what you already know in your gut. Over-thinking is this way by-passed and the moment seized.
Here in Libra season, when being in relationship, seeing situations from both sides, wanting the compromise, the harmony and the balance, is top priority, this full moon with its spotlight on the contrasting sign of Aries can be a valuable checking with yourself.
Who am I in this relationship? What is my subjective, gut reaction here? What am I passionate about?
During Libra times peace and niceness can sometimes come at the cost of a lost sense of self and so here we are offered an emphasis on self and how we stand on our own two feet, whilst in conversation with another. We might also get insight and mental awareness of how we go about taking action in our lives, seeing ourselves somewhat objectively through the eyes of another. Perhaps a close friend or partner (Libra) brings up how you act or behave (Aries), maybe a heated exchange takes place. A fiery venting can be like releasing a pressure valve in the month-long Libra season of keeping things nice and pleasant.

Chiron, the archetype of the Wounded Healer, is also closely in conversation at this Full Moon bringing attention and clarity on relationship patterns and how these might have wounded or hurt us, especially as Venus (how we relate) is with the Sun in Libra opposite Chiron and the Moon in Aries.
When a lunation co-joins with a slow-moving planet (asteroid) like Chiron it suggests there is a longer-term culmination of the issues at hand. Chiron has been moving slowly through Aries for the past few years, helping us heal our sense of self, our fire and resilience. At present retrograde Chiron is moving backwards over, integrating lessons and digesting past experiences touched on in this part of your chart. Here in Libra season this self-healing we have gone through is being drawn on at this full moon to more fully be ourselves in our one-to-one interactions.
Adding to this, Mars in Gemini, the ruler or Aries and therefore of this full moon is slowing down and preparing to retrograde for the next few months. Something about how we take action on our ideas and thoughts is about to be changed and re-worked this winter.
Mars in Gemini, is all about the information gathering, the beginner-mind and learning and so at this full moon you might find you are compelled in a new direction or to make a new start. The Aries courage, boldness, excitement and resilience will lend its powers to you. Bon voyage!

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