Full Moon in Capricorn -Feeling our inner Wise Elder

This Monday the 3rd we have the first lunation of the month of July in the sign of the Sea-Goat. Here at 11 degrees of Capricorn the moon will be illuminated by the sun from the opposite sign of Cancer.

From our more emotional place of Cancer season, when memories, feelings, imaginings and self-nurturing this time in the lunar cycle will offer us insight and clarity into our life mission, integral endeavours and whichever life area where we apply the Capricorn values of practical commitment, hard work and strategy. I see us, perhaps whilst snuggled up on the sofa (or in the bath) daydreaming or lost in memories, suddenly surfacing above the inner life of the Cancerian experience and having a very clear image of ourselves already having achieved our attempted mountain top or goal.
The moon symbolises our feelings, moods and inner life and in manifesting our dreams into reality (Capricorn) feeling as if we are already in that situation is immensely powerful and attracts it into the 3D experience.
Perhaps we experiment and test out our intentions this way, asking ourselves;

What would it feel like to have this dream come into reality?

Does the emotional reality correspond with how I intended it?

Capricorn is also associated with the archetype of the Elder and so at this time, whilst safe and secure at home, remembering perhaps our childhood (Cancer), we might get a sense of how we have matured and come into our wiser and self-respecting selves. We might in this way connect into our Inner Parent, which is capable of taking care of our Inner Child.
Capricorn can be the Solid Rock of our existence providing a safe structure to ground into, like a safe island in the midst of an emotional sea (Cancer) which can be overwhelming.

This Full Moon is also trined by Jupiter in Taurus, adding another grounded presence to the potential of this time. If the Capricorn energy is associated with the Wise Elder, at its higher manifestation, Jupiter in Taurus can present itself as our Body Wisdom or Nature as Teacher. Jupiter wants us to believe in ourselves and take a risk to that effect. We might ask ourselves; If I could not fail and I had complete trust in the Universe, what integral goal might I attempt?

Wishing you a Wise Full Moon,



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