Full Moon in Gemini -Receiving Intelligence from our Higher Self

Gemini Full Moon November 27th 2023

Here towards the end of the month we have our Full Moon at 4 degrees in the sign of the Twins. As always this is the culmination of the lunar cycle when the energy is at its peak. It is the time for maximum buzz, illumination and fruition in the light of insights our inner emotional body might offer us in this part of our chart.

Gemini is the sign ruled by mercury and associated with the archetypes of the Communicator, Storyteller, teacher and Messenger. There is a butterfly and pollinating energy linked with this sign, with its main focus on the gathering and dispersing of information, data and thought. It can be a wonderful, curious, open-minded, chatty and witty energy with Gemini, keen to learn and understand absolutely all it can get its hand on. However, that brings up the challenges with this sign too, which can result in a superficiality, eternal teen vibe and feeling scattered and over-stimulated.

Mercury, the ruler of Gemini, is at this time in the sign of Sagittarius along with the Sun. As always, with the full moon, there is the opposition between the sun and the moon and with that a balancing of these opposite signs. Gemini and Sag form an axis sometimes called the Learning axis as this is the commonality between them, however with very different way to go about it. In contrast to Geminis’ much more cerebral, logical and mental approach, Sag seeks to interpret the information Gemini gathers into meaning, wisdom and a philosophical approach to life. Sag often does this through experience such as travel, adventure and scholarly pursuits. It has an optimism and inherent faith at its core which is associated with its ruler Jupiter and is keen to discover new faith philosophies and faith systems. The stumbling blocks with this sign can be over-attachment to this new found Truth as the only one, closing down to new ways of thinking and get stuck in a black-and-white, my truth is the only truth preaching.
With Mars here in Sagittarius, along with Mercury and closely tied in with the Sun-Moon opposition, we have to be a bit careful we are not aggressive with our opinions, as the planet of war definitely adds a certain level of heat to the lunation. To use this energy in an evolutionary way we might set the intention to adopt courage and face our fears with any learning, academic or Quest journey we are about to embark on.
Challenging the energy through a square aspect we also have Saturn in Pisces impacting this full moon through a square to Mars. Mars and Saturn in disagreement can be troublesome indeed, with Mars energy like the accelerator and Saturn like the brake, wanting us to slow down and be deliberate and mature in our approach. The Piscean energy, especially through Saturn, wants us to have some solitary time to go within, expand our consciousness through whichever means and connect to Source energy and the Divine.

This is a good time to get a message or information (Gemini) regarding a Quest or personal meaning of Life/Purpose (Sagittarius) which we are passionate about (Mars) through having some hermit time (Saturn) expanding our consciousness in some way (Pisces).

Or putting out the message, perhaps online, (Gemini) about an adventure/philosophical learning (Sag) which might take us facing our fears (Mars) allowing us to be structured and supported (Saturn) in our spiritual practice and mystical explorations (Pisces).

Wishing you a meaningful and light-hearted Full Moon in Gemini,


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