Re-connecting with Purpose and Meaning -Full Moon in Sagittarius, 14th June at 23 degrees

Mid-June and in the last part of Gemini season we are having a Full moon in Sagittarius, the questing centaur.
With the culmination of this early summer lunation in the sign of the galloping archer we might find our energy taking an exploring, adventurous turn, as this energy is often associated with travel, philosophy and study. Sag likes to take a risk, aim high with his arch and experience life fully. A fire sign, there is often a hunger to understand life's deeper philosophical questions; Why am I here? What is the meaning of Life?
This drive for knowledge and wisdom seems to result in a constant searching, truth seeking and questioning. An immersing in a different culture brings about the contrast and distance that helps to view our life in perspective and to give back the zest and passion for our life journey which drives us forward.
Jupiter, or Zeus, king of the Gods of high Olympus rules this Full Moon and is an optimistic, generous archetype, sometimes prone to over-doing the good things in life ( conquests in Love particularly in Greek mythology). He is associated with faith, wisdom, teaching and our belief system and is currently travelling through Aries. This adds even more fire to this Full Moon along with renewed faith in our entrepreneurial, brave and heroic attempts independent and free of restrictions or compromise. Maybe there's a new venture you'd like to let the world know about at this time?

As we journey through Gemini season there is usually a lot of busy energy, thinking, speaking, listening, information gathering, buzz, buzz, buzz, and so with this full moon in the opposite sign of Sag, we are offered perhaps a bird-eye view of our life. An opportunity to step back and look at see the woods as a whole instead of being lost amongst the trees. When gemini butterflies from information source to another, from one app to another, chatting, pollinating, letting the monkey mind roam, Sag can offer a mountain-top retreat in order to check in with the bigger vision of meaning and purpose. A checking in with the direction our little butterfly wings are taking us. Are we in the right meadow? Amongst flowers which truly nourish us? Pollinating plants which are of value to us?
At this full moon we also have a strong pull from illusive Neptune with a square aspect to both sun and moon and at cross-purposes. This might add confusion, mind-fog and a hard-to-grasp quality along with at times tiredness or feeling drained of energy.
As always integration is the the aim with aspects and so to work with this energy it can be helpful for us to indulge in a little dreamy escapism. Our mind can be so over-active in Gemini season this is an invitation to step back a bit and listen to some relaxing music, watch a poetic film or perhaps travel through an audiobook to an exotic country. (I have had some lovely moments as an armchair traveler this week, reading one of Barbara Erskine’s spiritual novels about ancient Egypt cruising gently down the Nile -'Whispers in the Sand').
Saturn in Aquarius also aspects this full moon but with a helpful trine offering perhaps some concrete, structured ideas for the future/community (Aquarius) about where we are aiming ourselves. Saturn in this air sign can also help us focus on ourselves and be content in our own company, vision questing, retreating and re-focusing in social, scattered Gemini season.

Wishing you all a meaningful Full Moon,


Some helpful questions to work with this Lunation

If I step back from everyday chores and activities which goals or long-term visions are still in alignment with my zest and passion for life?
Which are my more background visions of life which bring me a sense of faith and meaning?
What do I believe in?
How do I like to retreat and engage my imagination? Music, film, poetry? Dance? Star-gazing?

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