Full Moon in Virgo Fri 18th March at 27 degrees

With the Spring Equinox just around the corner this Full Moon in Virgo heralds the arrival of spring and being an earth sign Virgo wants to be busy. Virgo is also mutable energy often changing and adapting around tasks and the finer details. The archetyp of the librarian comes to mind here, with a practical, helpful approach, organising, cataloguing or dealing with acts of service. All the I's dotted and all the T's crossed please!
At this full moon with a tight trine to Pluto in Capricorn there might be something about the more unconscious (Pluto) goals or mission (Capricorn) here that, with a flowing aspect drives the mood (Moon) of the mentor, servant to do things in a more natural, hands-on, healthy way (Virgo).
With the sun shining its light from a Piscean persective of intuition, mysticism and the unspeakable realms onto the Virgo moon and underlining the empahsis on water in this chart, the points of clarity revealing themselves at this time might very well be from a feeling, sensing perspective. Example; whilst tidying the house, using your hands in a meditative way such as a craft, or organising the office (Virgo), an understanding of some deep underlying feeling might come into conscious thought (Sun in Pisces) of where your sense of purpose and mission is leading you (Pluto in Capricorn).
Pluto symbolising our underlying drives which are so often unconscious, tying into the sense of clarity a full moon can bring, we might be graced with a peek into what is operating under the surface and slowly, slowly being transformed.
With the North node currently at 23 degrees of Taurus, depending on the width of orbs, both the moon in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn tie in with their energy here. Pluto is in conversation with this transiting North node for the long term where as the moon as the fastest transiting planet come through, highlighting and in a sense triggering the earth signs. North node in Taurus depending on where you are xplereicening this in your chart says something about how we can come to peace or stillness. Taurus values the five senses, nature, animals, our animal selves, the body and ruling the throat and the voice music and singing.
Questions at this time;
What body practice supports you coming into a feeling of peace at this time of month/moon culmination?
What intense feelings come up at this time that give some sort of clarity of what drives you to be helpful in everyday life? Are they of duty or of a chosen mission?
Which everyday routine, helpful act (Virgo) can ground, contain and channel a feeling of Source and soul nourishment (Pisces) towards a place of safety, security and self-value (Taurus)?

Wishing you lots of Full Moon Grace and Peace,

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