Gemini Full Moon 7-8 Dec Re-shaping your Narrative

Now in Sag season we have a Full Moon in Gemini at 16 degrees.
The sign of Gemini is the sign of the twins and is a mutable air sign. Gemini is associated with the pollinating function, gathering facts and information like pollen and passing it on to others by communication, both written but even more often through talking, talking, talking to others. 

Chatty, witty and sometimes a bit scattered Gemini energy can be light like the air element its ruled by and changeable like the quicksilver metal its planetary ruler Mercury is linked with.  The more extrovert sign out of Mercury’s two signs, Gemini is very good at communication and using the intellectual rational mind, but needs to remember to listen as much as taking up air space themselves.

There is a lovely curiosity and beginners mind to Gemini too and this full moon might shed light on what speaks to your curiosity, what is next on your learning journey or just prove a time of a lot of verbal exchange.

In contrast to the Sagittarius season and also as its opposite sign, Gemini hold the data, the information, the facts whereas Sagittarius is about the philosophy, the school of thought, the belief system synthesized from the thoughts and information. When Sag likes to go off into the wild to gaze at the stars, Gemini belongs right in the middle of the marketplace, linking community through being a messenger, storyteller and teacher.

At this Full Moon the planet Mars is at the same degree in Gemini during its retrograde phase forming a very strong conjunction with the planet of action, assertiveness and drive. The energy is usually at its highest at any full moon but with Mars joining its force to the party it could be an action packed time.  It could also be a time of angry words, a strong drive to communicate assertively or taking action on a passion to learn something new. Mars also adds heat and energy to whatever it touches so it’s a good time to see a writing project or a communication channel of some kind coming to a head.

 - What new information spikes your curiosity at this time?

- What action could be taken to pursue this new area of interest?

- Thoughts form our own mental narrative, what are the stories you tell yourself? Who are you in your story?
With Mars Retrograde joining in at this Full Moon, how can the story be re-made to shape a new trajectory?

-What new information is being revealed at this time to be taken action on?

Wishing you an exciting Full Moon,

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