Gemini New Moon conjunct Juno -Messages from Beyond

This Saturday the 18th of June we come to our second lunation in the sign of the twins at 26 degrees. At this new moon stage of the lunation cycle it is as always a time of lower energy and introversion. A descent into darkness of the moon in order to rise again from a new place, fresh and energised.

Here in Gemini season we can seemingly be assaulted by information and communications from all directions, causing us to lose our focus and concertation as we are interrupted by new updates, data and phone calls. Gemini is more recently associated with social media, gossip and constant messages of little depth and so at this time of the new moon it might be a relief to withdraw, turn of phones and gather our thoughts to be processed and questioned.

Gemini is associated with the multitasker, the networker, the Jack-of-all-trades and teacher as well as the eternal teenager. It is a light, witty, intellectual and youthful energy. Where ever you have Gemini in your chart will be given new information or curiosity to learn and understand.
This new moon however is coloured by a square to Neptune in Pisces, the energy of the Mystic and potentially Victim. This aspect brings a transpersonal and spiritual slant to the new moon and to our mind. As always with a square we are challenged to integrate two very different energies, in this case, the energy of the rational mind with the energy of our intuitive and more soul-connected part of our consciousness. We might ask ourselves;

How can be curious (Gemini) about our intuitive (Neptune) messages?

Can we listen and perhaps speak to (Gemini) our Divine, wiser selves (Neptune)?

If we were playful and experimental with our thoughts what childlike, silly, yet wise, communications might bubble to the surface?

Might there be an old narrative (Gemini) we participate in which we can let go of and release (Neptune in Pisces)? Perhaps an intuitively guided story is allowed to emerge in our dreams?

This moon is also conjunct the asteroid Juno at 27 degrees of Gemini. Juno is Greek mythology was Zeus’ (or Jupiter’s’) queen, wife and partner, who was often suffering the infidelity of the king of Olympus. With this energy emphasised at this new moon we might find themes of how to form interdependent, mutually complementing relationships, where two equals stand, just like the twins of Gemini, next to each other without patterns of dependency. There could however also be themes of jealousy and emotional immaturity emerging.
With the energy of Neptune, we are invited to release any victim mentality or co-dependency in relationships and set the bar higher, aiming for complementing and mutually respectful partners and friends.

Wishing you a fun, friendly New Moon in Gemini!



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