Gemini New Moon -Dreaming Insights and Ideas

On May 30th we will have the beginning of this next lunar cycle on Gemini at 9 degrees, the sign of the twins. As always this is a seeding point in the month, when energy might feel lacking and external events subside. The best is to go with the flow of the moon and find some quiet or relaxing time.
With this energy taking on the values and motivation of the bubbly conversationalist, light, exterior energy of gemini, we might have a little chat to ourselves, or listen to an interesting interview.
Looking to the ruler of this New Moon we find it is of course still going through of of its three retrograde passages. Mercury has been travelling to and fro over the last degrees of Taurus and into the first degrees of Gemini through this phase, integrating the practical, sensual, more internal abilities of Taurus with the expressive, intellectual, connecting energy of Gemini. Something of the estabilshed, tried and tested, static Taurus things are ungoing some upgrades and changes. Working with this New Moon in Gemini the silent, conservative and natural is feeding an insight, a conversation, a creative idea and expressed as a seed planted at this time. How could some time in nature, sitting in silence and peace inspire a realisation, a sentence or a teaching which takes you forward?

At this New Moon its ruler Mercury is receiving a helpful trine from Pluto in Capricorn this might be a message from your unconscious, stepping into the light and forming a conscious insight. This Pluto assistance last for about two weeks giving us a precious period of time to listen to ourselves deeply. What messages might Pluto gift us with? A peek behind the culisses of our slow life transformation? Or mental clarity into how our unconscious might have affected our descions?
To assist Plutos messages reaching us there is an invitation here to go into the underworld metphorically and work with dreams for examples. Setting an intention before going to bed can really help these slippery emotional images to stay a bit longer and be invited into our conscious awareness.

Wishing you Sweet New Moon Dreams,

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