Happy Hermit Holidays!

Happy Solstice!

As the sun moves from Sagittarius into Capricorn we in the northern hemisphere come to the Winter Solstice, when the days are the shortest and the nights invite us to rest in the dark.
Capricorn starts the winter quarter of the year in earnest and is equipped both with the talents to survive as well as thrive during this hibernation time of the year. From the busy Sag season getting excited about and prepared for Christmas, Capricorn allows us to collapse into stillness and in its feminine way let passive being come into focus. Just like nature is sleeping at this time we as part of her need to rest and restore.
The winter solstice is also a time to envision and dream of how things might transpire in the year to come as the sun and the light starts to very gradually return each day a little higher. The darkness this time of year offers is like the fertile void in which seeds can be planted and sown.
Capricorn is also associated with integrity and self-respect and this time is also god for checking in with what is foundational to your existence. Being ruled by Saturn the timekeeper and of earthly boundaries Capricorn season strips our lives back to the bare bones of our time here on Earth. Hermitage and allowing time for solitude and quiet is also encouraged here, inviting insight of what is truly important to us in the long run.

At this time of the solstice we also have Jupiter, planet of Faith and Optimism, move into fiery Aries, having a strong impact on this time and setting a theme in action for the next solar year to come. Jupiter in Aries want us to be bold and brave and take a gamble on ourselves. To believe in our own way to take action and charge ahead fearlessly. As Jupiter is in a square aspect to the sun in Capricorn, which in contrast likes to be much more responsible, grown-up and strategic about life, there is a tension here between the two quite different ways to go about starting something new. Integrating both is what the work is about.

Being bold whilst also thinking of the consequences.

Believing in yourself whilst being aware of how to work with authorities.

Being fearless and entrepreneurial whilst making sure it’s an enterprise integral to you which will stay the course.

Wishing you Happy Hermit Holidays!

Also much Growth and Grace in the Year to come,


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