Happy Libra Season and The Autumn Equinox!

This morning as I walked my usual walk through the mist laced fields I looked up to see the waning crescent moon above me in the pale blue sky. The mornings are cooler now and there is a stillness in the air, a turning of the tide of the year, here at the balancing point in day light hours. The crescent moon was a lovely reminder of the cycle and of the up-coming new moon in Libra late this coming Sunday evening.
But more about the up-coming New Moon later this week, in this post I want first to ease us into Libra season and a restful autumn season.
Libra season is upon us this week and with the Autumn Equinox on the 22nd this heralds a shift in season, letting our pace slow down and come to rest after the busy summer season. There is a balancing act intended here, both in Libra and in the Equinox, where we can allow ourselves to take some quiet moments to bring harmony(another Libra word) to our day-to-day lives.
This week we leave Virgo season behind, letting the business of gathering, organising, helping others and focusing on health and routine for the Libra focus of relating to another, to exchange thoughts and ideas with people on a one-to-one basis. After clearing out our kitchen cupboards and setting our house in order, we feel ready to invite a friend over for a lovely catch-up.
There might be a natural urge to reach out to friends and partners as we enter Libra season, with Libra being a Venus ruled sign. Venus herself however, still linger in Virgo, so relating will most likely have a hint of practical motivations; reaching out to a friend to be helpful, talking to a partner about how to practically organise the new school/homework routine.
However, balance being one of Libra's main themes, we might feel drawn to appreciate the beauty and graciousness around us; the mellowing of the golden sunlight on the kitchen wall, the gentle warmth in the sun. To find inner peace and harmony becomes important now, especially after the intensity of the summer. So I'm wishing you a lovely, mellow, relaxing Equinox. Spring and summer will come again, but first we are treated to a nice long rest. Enjoy!


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