Happy Spring Equinox! Abundant Aries season is here!

Spring Equinox! Oh the joy of new life, the Earth re-born in all its exuberance!

Sitting in the sun in my garden I feel the joy of life surging all around me. Birds chirping, the light breeze caressing my cheek, the smell of warm of
warm earth rising from the soft, yielding, fertile ground. Buds swelling, foliage crisp with rising sap and bland new, bright green leaves on Hawthorn and Elder.
This is the Celtic festival of Oestre or Ostara, Goddess of Light, and the vernal equinox where balance between Night and Day arrives and opposites are equal.
This season is an opportunity for us to come into balance with ourselves, to recognise both what stirs inside and how this manifests in the outer world. To symbolise this is the gift of Oestre bringer of Eggs, full of potential and fertility, ready to hatch and emerge into the world as new life.

In astrology the Vernal Equinox is the beginning of a new year reflected in its Fire sign of Aries. Aris is often likened in its forthright, energetic way to the match setting the fire of the year alight.
The energy of Aries and of this first part of Spring, invites us to come back to ourselves and ask what makes us come alive and sets us alight with inspiration, action and fearless bravery to be ourselves.
To risk judgement and still trust ourselves in how we are supported to live life. Unconsciously expressed this fiery energy can be perceived as inconsiderate, selfish, unkind and without stamina but often these behaviours 
and values stem from a place of needing to free and spontaneously act unhindered in the moment. An honest and live-and-let-live energy is expressed here.

Spring Dusk Musings

Travelling home last night the Spring dusk gently tugged at my sleeve inviting me into its subtle embrace.
Something in the lengthening hazy light beckoned to a dreamy, magical feeling of reverie where a dimension beyond the everyday hustle and bustle pervades.
A transparent ultramarine veil imperceptibly drawn over the active mood of the day, softly enveloping me in an atmosphere of deeply sensed beauty.
here at dusk I felt a gently knowing smile of my heart unfurl into the light blue night.

Happy Spring Equinox and Aries season!

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