Heart-based living this summer -Venus into Leo

This week we have Venus making her way into Leo, the fixed, fire sign of royalty.

Venus will spend extra time in Leo this year as it is once again time for her to go retrograde. This mean we have an extended time (June-October roughly) to work and rework our Venus areas of life; Relationships, values, money-matter and pleasures.

In Leo we are invited to employ the higher vibe goals and motivations in these areas of life whilst at the same time keeping an eye on the lower manifestations of this energy.
The healthy expressions of this energy can present in a variety of ways of course, as always astrology is archetypal and speaks in themes and patterns rather than in explicit terms, which makes more room for creativity whilst unable to provide specific answers.

Leo is the sign of creative expression and of shining our individual light. This might take shape in a variety of extrovert ways of sharing ourselves, whether it is through singing, painting, drama, dance, comedy or a musical performance. Leo enjoys the stage, the limelight and the applauds. When this sharing with others is fuelled by heart-felt passion and a genuine, healthy ego and enabled by courage to be vulnerable, it is the most rewarding experience to the Leo energy.
Hence as we have this prolonged time of Venus in Leo there is an invitation from the Universe to really connect with our heart energy. To listen to its wisdom, what lightens and a livens our hearts and makes us laugh out loud with joy. Venus wants us to feel good and in Leo that means listening to our own authentic truth. This transit invites an upgrade and check in with yourself around your values and self-worth because of the retrograde process. The Universe says, if we are willing to be brave and vulnerable there is more joy and authenticity to be lived.

What makes your heart sing?

When do you feel the passions and courage to express yourself?

What would a fun and easeful life look like now?


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