Honouring our Healing Self -Solar Eclipse in Aries April 8th 2024

Here on the 8th of April we come to the last in the couple of eclipses this spring at 19 degrees of Aries. A solar eclipse occurs when the moon comes in front of the sun from the earth’s, our, perspective and covers the sun like a lid. This is a powerful New Moon in the lunar cycle to observe and sit with and a bit of a wild card time of year. It is one of the new moons, in contrast to a regular new moon, to not set intentions and try to manifest. Rather here when the lunation ties with the transiting Nodal axis, it is a good time to watch the Universe and our soul evolution work its magic without our personal input. Often eclipses can be pivotal times in our lives, especially if they tie in with our personal birth charts, but often the changes can be incremental and hard to spot until time allows them to build and develop.

With an eclipse in Aries, there is a focus on our trust in ourselves and in our instincts along with what lifts our energy and fires us up. However, the eclipse degree is conjunct Chiron very tightly, the archetype of the Wounded Healer. This adds a different vibe to the usually uncomplicated, fast and furious archetype of Aries and suggests a more introspective and gentle approach to this time of 2024.
Chiron, in Greek mythology, was of course a healer and mentor, but as a result of being orphaned, different from the other more riley Centaurs and raised by Apollo to understand a more sensitive way of life. From the trauma Chiron experienced, both from being different and not belonging as well as being shot with a poisoned arrow, he became a searching being, always looking to understand more wisdom and healing modalities. Hence, at this eclipse, Chiron therefore brings up these themes in us, where we have been abandoned, wounded and traumatised. As well as all the ways we have developed resilience within ourselves (Aries) and sought out ways to heal and turn our trauma into wisdom. Not an easy time potentially, however with the ruler of this eclipse (Mars), in Pisces, there is an overarching aim here of releasing and letting go, by feeling sadness, grief and melancholy well up and out. This way there is a finality and a closing-out vibe here, as if this eclipse marks an ending of living from our wounds and from a survival place. We feel for ourselves deeply and at the same time we hold ourselves compassionately and feel gratitude for the wisdom and beautiful raising of consciousness which our past has gifted us.
Mars in Pisces is also conjunct Saturn at the time of the eclipse, really emphasising an ending, a line drawn in the sand and boundary of respect for ourselves which we have worked hard on. Saturn’s influence here also indicating this as a good time to find some solitude and hermit time.

Some helpful questions at this time

-What does survival look and feel like to me? In contrast, what signals thriving and blossoming?

-How am I better at honouring and respecting myself now?

- What feelings are coming up at this time and how can I allow space and time to gently tend to myself?

- What is coming to a natural end at this time as a result of trusting my own instincts?

- Where/when is my courage rising up to fiercely yet gently accept myself?


Wishing you a wise and compassionate Solar Eclipse in Aries,


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