Capricorn Full Moon -Insights into Life Goals and Mission

Following on from the New Moon in Cancer at the end of June, the story next takes us to a Full Moon in the opposite sign of Capricorn the Sea-Goat (at 21 degrees if you are tracking it in your chart).The Saturn ruled sign of Capricorn is associated with the winter season, of cold and hardship, of endurance and perseverance. Capricorn can stick with a task, usually laborious, with a severe determination. It has a mission, it has a goal and never does it veer from its path. As Steven Forrest likes to say 'Capricorn can make a tin of beans last for over a week'.
However, wherever we have Capricorn in our chart, there is a maturity and wise elder energy about our intentions. It is where we ask ourselves what we want to leave behind, what shape our legacy takes.It might also be where we take things too seriously at the expense of our emotional life, our playful side and even our basic bodily needs. Capricorn can keep at it, not noticing it is way past dinner time forgetting about friends and family, all else being equal in the chart.With a Full Moon in this sign of the Elder, we might gain insight into how we would like to contribute to our community, to society at large, in the world at large. This Goat wants to carefully climb amountain, using careful footwork and dogged determination, strategic planning and sheer persistence. But which mountain? Where does our mission lie?
Capricorn can get confused by careerist, public recognition, power and honour mirages, only to find at the top, the mountain climbed was someone else’s ambition.Hence this Full Moon gifts us with clarity and lunar illumination into what our inner, heart centred message to the world might be. When we look back at life, what will give us a sense of achievement based on our own integral, authentic values and gifts to our community?With this Full Moon also being conjunct the Lord of the Underworld Pluto, it could be a somewhat intense realisation. A light might be shone on our unconscious drives and currents, either challenging them or empowering our pursuits depending on our level of integrity and honesty with ourselves. A glimpse offered of behind the scenes of our truest, most spiritually rewarding contribution. The ruling planet of this full Moon also being Saturn, at the moment in retrograde in Aquarius, underlining a need to focus on our own unique voice, making our original sometimes eccentric mark.

Some helpful questions at this time;
- Is there a way that you've always felt different form the crowd, but authentic?
- What do you see as your 'Mountain' climb in this life?
- Is the Mission you are on aligned with your heart and soul?
- What Wise Elder role models encourage you on your journey?
- What is truly worth working really hard for, on your own?

Wishing you a Full Moon of feeling your Purpose,

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