Jupiter into Gemini –Expanding our Wise Communication

Do you need some luck? Wondering whether to take a risk? Find out how this expansive transit affects you and how to make the most of the Greater Benefic!

Once per year roughly transiting Jupiter changes signs as it moves through its 12-year cycle around the zodiac. Each time this change occurs, the focus of our evolving wisdom, faith and growth shifts.

This week we experience such a shift. On the 25th of May Jupiter left its last home of Taurus, where it spent all of last year, and ingressed into Gemini.
First, let us reacquaint ourselves with Jupiter’s function and drive. As the largest planet in our solar system, the energy of this archetypal energy field is one of optimism, growth and expansion. Wherever Jupiter touches your chart there is a sense of enlargement, buoyancy and faith. Jupiter calls us to take a risk and to believe in ourselves. Sometimes asking ourselves; if success was guaranteed, what would I endeavour?
There is a sense of ‘The World is Your Oyster’ with Jupiter interacting with your natal chart. This is the time to take a leap of Faith and trust in our gifts, which is another domain of Jupiter.

Now, what about the shift form Taurus to Gemini, I hear you ask. Well, it is quite a big change. The past year our growth and developing wisdom has been more in the earthly realm of steady focus, our Inner Wise Animal, listening to the messages of the Body and of course, to connect with Mother Nature. All Taurean pursuits, and beautiful ones too, as Taurus is ruled by Venus, Goddess of Love and Life Enjoyment.
Here at the end of May, Jupiter takes on the role of Gemini. The Twins are ruled by air and carry a curious, communicative and buzzing energy, carrying us like butterflies or bees from flower to flower pollinating and collecting data and messages. Gemini is ruled by Mercury (or Hermes) the winged messenger of the Gods and the only one able to carry messages between the realm of the living and the realm of the dead. It is a light, witty and chatty energy with Gemini, always keen to learn and exchange ideas.
With Jupiter taking on this costume of Gemini, so to speak, we might see ourselves busier, chattier, multitasking and getting scattered in the process. However, if we can use this energy more skilfully, there is great potential for trusting in expressing ourselves wisely, expanding our knowledge through learning and connecting with others, as well as learning to communicate effectively. Perhaps there is a learning journey calling to you? Or a book waiting to be written? A teaching to express to students? Or an important message to bring to an audience?

It is also a good time to explore your own faith and beliefs by learning, reading and listening to inspirational sages. To ask lots of questions and to stay open minded. I associate the Buddhist practice of Beginners’ Mind with Gemini, in the spirit of active listening and receiving new input and stimuli. Of course, Gemini can end of frazzled from an overload of multitasking, the monkey mind running rabid and social media distractions, but that is why the Taurean transit tried to teach us to ground and to come back to stillness and peace. Only from this place can we make fruitful use of the next year of Jupiter in Gemini.

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