Libra Solar Eclipse October 14th 2023 -Going Deep into Relationships

Welcome to another Eclipse season! 

Eclipses are thought of as gateways in astrology, allowing us to leave behind and release as well as enter and allow in. If connected closely to planets or points in your birth chart they can be thunderbolts of change, frog-leaping us into new realities.

However, eclipses can also be seeding moments, particularly this new moon solar eclipse, with events or change set in motion for the next six months. As they are connected to the transiting lunar nodes of fate, they are thought as powerful moments in time to be aware of.
With this first eclipse of the season in the theme of Libra and close to the South Node in Libra we are becoming aware of the lower vibrations of the sign of the scales to let go of and see exit. Libra is the sign of Love, Peace and Relationships, however over doing these themes can sometimes find us indecisive, dependent on another and over-pleasing. Libra can sometimes do anything to keep the peace and not rock the boat, leading to unhealthy relationships where too much kindness can be insincere and false.

Helpful intentions at this time

-May I let go of relationships which are not equal

-May I release my need to always be accompanied

-May I become aware of where I pacify and negotiate where I need not

-May I come to harmony and love within myself in my own way

-May I become aware of how relationships were modelled to me as a child and which I perpetuate

At this Solar eclipse we also have a powerful, challenging square aspect from Pluto in Capricorn. As Pluto is stationing at this time, seemingly standing still in its orbit its impact is intensified. This transit occurring in the same week as the eclipse adds significant potency to the mix. In the sign of Capricorn Pluto has been dredging up the shadow side of our old, traditional top-down authorities, society ‘elders’ and conventional systems. Adding these themes to the Libra eclipse tints the habits and patterns we are letting go of with a deep and unconscious shade. Pluto wants us to let old trauma, fears and shame to surface from where we supressed it, in order to be healed and its wisdom integrated.

Pluto prayers for this time

-May I become aware of my dysfunctional relationship patterns

-May I be healed of old relationship wounds

-May I regain my power and honesty in my dealings with others

-May I invite transformational people connections into my life

With the North Node now transiting through Aries, the opposite sign to Libra, the healthy traits of this sign gives us some pointers in how to help our souls evolve and grow at this time. Aries, at its best, trust its instincts and acts with courage. It is a good time to follow your enthusiasm and life spark as Aries is a Fire sign, and to act swiftly rather than deliberating for long. Physical activity is good for Aries and likes nothing better than a challenge in which to lead and pioneer a life lived with gusto!

Wishing you a transformational Solar Eclipse in Libra,


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