Lunar Eclipse in Taurus 19th Nov - Sudden emotional shift and upgrades

Look out, we are in eclipse season! Although the light-bolt eclipse energy has been graudually building up for a few weeks already and it's drama might already have affected you, the culmination occurs this Friday the 19th in the early morning here in the UK. 
Lunar eclipses like this one, as always involving a full moon, when the sun is opposite to the moon in the zodiac, this is the first one we have had since 2002 on the axis of Taurus-Scorpio and is at 27 degrees. In general this axis speaks of the polarities of the peaceful, grounded, food-loving, material security ( Taurus) versus the psychological, complex, emotional, intense (Scorpio). The simple life dancing with the dramatic one. 
Lunar eclipses are focused on our internal, emotional life and offer sudden changes, resets or downloads. Something that was ready to happen can drastically take on form and come off quicker than anticipated, a welcome change or a bit of a shock depending on whether your personal chart makes conversation with 27 degrees or the Taurus-Scorpio axis.
With this being the Scorpio season, a time for, like the trees, letting go of their leaves graciously to be sacrificed to nutricious leaf mould, we too can allow old, musty emotions to be gently released or offered up to be healed in order to make space for the cycle of the year to turn in harmony with nature, allowing for new growth to take place, inner or outer.

Some helpful questions to drop into the unconscious at this time might be;

- What old emotional patterns or behaviours are you ready to let go of?

- Which wounded, tender places might you feel suddenly are diminushing?

- Which coins of feeling self-worth might drop down after a perido of brave inner work?

- When listening to the wisdom of your body and its emotions, what messages or sudden realisations float to the surface?

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  • Hmm nice!! I found this in my journal which dovetails quite nicely…“Never hurry, never worry. Become your own best friend. Bring yourself joy and cheer. Do you revere yourself? Joy is the currency!” Now i wish the strange dreams would leave me alone!! I suddenly feel very happy again here in community, in the sunshine. Ah. Thank GOD! Has yours been a good one??x


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