New Messages from the Imaginal -New Moon in Gemini June 6th 2024


Here at the beginning of June we have our first lunation of the month, a New Moon in the sign of the Twins. As always the New Moon is the seeding point of the lunar cycle when the sun and the moon come together to confer about the coming cycle.
The New Moon phase is when the cycle of the moon’s energy is at its lowest, hence a good time to go within, to expect a bit less to get accomplished and for things to slow down to prepare for the new coming in.
Gemini season, however, is a busy time of the year! Looking at Nature, the bees are working frantically, the birds start their singing and chick rearing in the early hours and there is a scramble to get summer rolling. With both Venus, Jupiter and Mercury in the sign of the Student, Teacher, Messenger and Eternal Teenager, you might have noticed an increase of communication lately.
Gemini, ruled by Mercury, the messenger of the Gods, is associated with the Mind, Communication, Learning and Information gathering. Like the bee this energy gathers pollen from one flower and transfers it to the next…and the next.. and the next! The sharing, chatting, messaging and connecting can get a bit hectic. Gemini thrives on asking questions, passing on the data gathered and making the conversation flow. It is a rational vibe rather than an intuitive one, valuing all contributions to their knowledge base. A stumbling block can be a Jack-of-All trades, Master-of- None state of scattered attention, sometimes leading to a shallow, superficial understanding of the surrounding world.
However, this is a very special New Moon in Gemini as it connects with the Goddess of Love and Beauty, Venus. The Venus Starpoint cycle is strongly tied in with this lunation, making it a powerful manifestation point for all Relationships, labours of Love, the Arts and Money Matters (all Venus territory) which will echo for the next four years in the Gemini area of your chart (especially is you have planets or points between 13-16 degrees of Gemini).
This brings up themes of interdependence in relationships, the two twins standing side by side, rather than leaning on each other in a more dependant way. This of course requires good communication skills, which must integrate active listening, rather than jumping to conclusions and assumptions. A listening to our own needs and relaying them to a significant other, whilst consider the language we use.
This New Moon also makes a challenging square aspect to Saturn in Pisces, asking us to consider our boundaries with others, allowing silence in our conversation as well as an inclusion of messages from our intuition (Pisces) to inform our message and story. The Piscean energy is directed towards direct experience of the imaginal world beyond making this, if both internal and external can be held, a great time to re-think, re-write and re-imaging our life narrative.

Wishing you a serene and insightful New Moon in Gemini!



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