New Moon in Aries on 1st April at 11 degrees

This new moon in Aries is a lovely time as always at this dormant part of the lunar cycle to set intentions and to have faith in the incubation part of the month. Now, Aries is an energy that want to feels good being active, taking initiative and stepping up to a challenge. Aries naturally starts the ball rolling and can get impatient or frustrated without something to do. here at this new moon, as the sun and the moon share the degree, they are sandwiched by both Mercury in Aries and Chiron in Aries, which gives this new moon a unique and interesting flavour. Mercury the messager of the Gods, add mental clarity, acute communication and rational understanding of those Aries themes of self, identity, leadership and agression. Adding the slow journey of Chiron in Aries, which we have through over the last few years, something of that healing journey is felt (Moon) and understood (Mercury) arming (very Aries word!) us with a Magician energy of knowing what we have healed and accepted within ourself and where we go from here in setting a clear (healing, mentoring (Chiron)) goal and going for it.
At this trigger point in the month the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in Pisces is also drawing nearer, providing a potentially spiritually supportive backdrop to this new Aries cycle (from the New Moon in Aries to the Full Moon in Aries happening in October).
This strong Pisces signature is however very different to the Aries Mercury, Moon, Sun, Chiron stellium in that Pisces as the last sign of the zodiac aims for endings, letting go and releasing of emotions and boundaries. However the Aries energy at the same time want to be active and get going. this could result in a tug-of-way experience when part of you wants to rest, float gently, daydream, have a nap, zone out, whilst at a different time there feelings of impatience (why are things not happening yet!?) and ruges to act of impulse just to get some movement.
The challenge here is as always a healthy integration of the energies. Maybe some fast and furious sports or conversations, only to then have a relaxing stint on the sofa in silence letting memories of the past be released whilst making space for new inspirations to float gently and unforced to the conscious surface. The Pisces energies work well with the new moon time of the month as energy is at its montly low and incubation as well as envisioning and dreaming is supported.
We also have a stellium of planets in Aquarius at this New Moon. Here Saturn at 22 degrees is linking in with Venus at 25 and Mars at 19. Saturn who has been passing its way at a slow and steady pace through Aquarius since the beginning of 2020 want us to sturcture and commit to our Aquarian values and ways of doing things. Aquarius is often associated with standing out from the crowd, finding our individuality (individuation), our eccentricities and oddities, our thoughts for a more equal and community inclusive future society. With both Venus and Mars activating that slow Saturn in Aquarius process at this time the way we act and the way we relate support this development of our unique personalities and contributions to our friends, groups and wider community.

Some helpful questions at this time might be;

- How can I dream up a new adventure for the next six months?

- Which wounds (Chiron) of the past can I write down (Mercury) and offer up for healing and release (Pisces)?

- Which community activities (Aquarius stellium) around a spiritual connection (Jupiter-Neptune in Pisces) might I want to join/take leadership (Aries) role in?

- Which activities (Aries) do I not feel like doing but gives me a sense of self-respect and dignity (Saturn)?

New Moon Blessings!

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