New Moon in Cancer 9-10th July 2021

Dear Fellow Life-Travellers,

This week we have the first lunation of July coming up in form of a New Moon at 18 degrees of Cancer. As always with a New Moon this is when the Sun and the Moon come together in a conjunction, Anima and Animus seeding a new cycle for the moon through the zodiac.
Here in the sign of Cancer we are encouraged to listen carefully to our quiet, internal voice with Cancer being both a feminine and a water sign, letting us know us how we feel. Cancer, the great mother and care-giver, so soft and sensitive on the inside comes with a very strong defensive system protecting not only itself but also family and children instinctively. 
With the New Moon inviting us to set new intentions and seeds for the next two weeks Cancer offers us a focus of self-care and listening to our hearts. What do we feel we need, we might ask ourselves? How can we take better care of our emotional states? Would a quiet night on the sofa with a favourite soft blanket be just the thing? Or perhaps sitting quietly by the sea letting the soothing sound lull us into a gentle day dream? What would be kind to myself right now? How do I feel nurtured and safe?

At this New Moon there are also greater forces at work as the Sun and Moon make aspects to both Chiron, Neptune and Pluto. Slow movers through the zodiac these outer planets give weight to new starts at this time and offers us energetic waves to catch and ride to our further growth and evolution. 
There might be something here inviting us to feel (Cancer) wounds around being an individual and going solo in some respect (Chiron in Aries). Healing awkwardness or shame around simply doing your own thing spontaneously and impulsively perhaps.
Neptune in Pisces in a helpful trine to the New Moon adds creativity, spirituality and connection to Source, giving us a higher perspective on how feeling these wounds (Chiron in Aries) serves to heal and raising our vibration and perhaps also to channel into a creative outlet.
Pluto in Capricorn opposing the new moon finally adds intensity along with a potential for transformation and change (Pluto) in this process pointing us in the direction of our mission and the next step on this mountain climbing journey of the Great Work (Capricorn).
An exciting New Moon all in all this week, with plenty of potential growth and learning for the coming lunar cycle. Do treat yourself to a retreat, even if only half an hour on the sofa, to feel in with yourself and listen to that quiet voice whispering about much needed creature comforts. 

Happy July Lunar Magic!







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