New Moon in Cancer -Creatively dreaming to refill our Cup

Here towards the end of Cancer season we have the second lunation of July in the sign of the Crab. As always with the new moon phase the energy descends and lessens in order to rise again with new dreams and vitality. It is important that we allow ourselves to slow down and rest with the receding of the light so that we too can connect with ourselves before ascending with the coming new lunar cycle.

The energy of cancer is associated with the Great Mother, but also our inner child, and so here towards the end of Cancer season it feels like we are gathering dreams, insights and whispered messages from the Soul to form an intention and plant a new seed.
So as we retreat, Cancer loves a cosy home time, we might reflect on;

What have been the dreams/memories/ insights which have surfaced from within since the Solstice (beginning of Cancer season)?

What has felt good, safe, calm and nourishing during this time?

What feels good to your Soul? Music? Dance? Nature? Day-dreaming?

How can these be used as a part of an on-going Self-care practice to sustain a cup-full state during the rest of the summer?

This new moon also has a spiritual, other-worldly tone to it as it makes a helpful trine to Neptune in Pisces. When Neptune comes to join it is a great time for connecting with the mystical dimension of life, perhaps to a soulful piece of music, a transporting line of poetry or the flowing colours of the sea. Creativity of all kinds is linked to our spiritual selves and when we slip into that meditative flow state our ego and mind fall into slumber and Source energy can seep through.
Neptune can also help us release emotional energy we have carried, helping to lighten our load and make space for the new to come in.

Wishing you a dreamy New Moon!


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