New Moon in Capricorn -Connecting to our Wise Feminine

Happy New Year Dear Fellow Life-travellers!

On the 11th of January we have our first lunation of 2024 and in many ways this feeling like a powerful starting point with it being a New Moon. As always expect low energy, a desire to go within and an opportunity for coming back to self for intuitive guidance.
If you have not yet connected with yourself regarding intentions the year of 2024, this is an excellent time! My preferred method is creating a vision board of imagery depicting my intentions then using it as a screen saver or on the notice board as a prompt which makes me respond emotionally.

With the New Moon being in the sign of Capricorn associated with the archetype of the Elder, the Manager and the Old Wise Woman, there is something about this lunation which invites us to take the long-distance view of the seeds we plant at this time. It can help to meditate or dialogue with the part us which is old, wise and practical. A grandmother energy, in other words. The part of us that is experienced, seasoned and tough. The part that intuitively knows (Capricorn is a feminine sign) if we are on the committed path that fills us with self-respect and integrity. The path which, when looking back at our life, gives us deep satisfaction and connection to soul mission. (Our Natal Saturn also gives us clues as to our Great Life Work).

This New Moon also receives a helpful trine aspect from Uranus in Taurus. Uranus is associated with change and awakening as well as our evolving process of discovering our unique and original self. In Taurus it takes on a more Nature connected and grounded tone, allowing our lives to go through processes of rebellion along with sudden disruptions and breakthroughs in our material realm as well in regard to our values and self-worth.  
Hence the time now is one of allowing the energy of change for the long-term to assist you in making new progress in your goal and ambitions for the future.

A few questions at this time:

- What does your inner Grandmother encourage you in now?

- Where are you called to make change for the long-term?

- What is the Soul mission that calls to you now and how could you strategically take the first step?

- Where do you see yourself as a respected Elder in your life and community?

With the ruler of this New Moon, Saturn, currently in the early degrees of Pisces there is a definite indication to work with the mystical, the intuitive and the visionary as this water sign connects deeply to Soul and Universal energy. Our psychic sensitivity is available to us at this time if only we hold space for cultivating some stillness within ourselves.

Wishing you an inspired New Moon in Capricorn!


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