New Moon in Sagittarius 13th December 2023

Here in the middle of December and the festive rush we get the first lunation of the month on the sign of the Archer, Philosopher and Traveller at 20 degrees of Sagittarius. As always in order to work with this rebirth point in the lunar cycle, it is wise to schedule in some stillness and introspection time, to set intentions in this part of your chart and to give it all the faith you have got!

Sag season is often a welcome change of energy after Scorpio season, a bit like the evening after having an intense and honest conversation with your partner, you both decide to order pizza and watch a film together. The energy lifts from the internal to the external in search for insight and answers and becomes altogether a bit more hopeful.
Sag, this Jupiter-ruled sign of the zodiac, expands its awareness hungrily, reaching for the beyond in the attempt to answer Life’s Big Questions. What is the Truth? What is my purpose? Where can I find the wisdom and knowledge that I seek? This why Sag is often drawn to travel and the exposure of other cultures, beliefs and ways of living. Or takes an academic or scholarly route in life, seeking the wisdom of the ages, in the tomes of dusty libraries. Either way, the philosophical and questing streak is strong! The aspect of this energy which can trip us up is when we get too convinced that our Truth is the Truth and start preaching it to others without listening to their view point or experience.
At this time we also have Mars, our drive, passion and actions, in the same sign adding gusto and heat to the Sag motivations. We might also have to harness our courage to wish on this particular star at this new moon time and aim slightly outside our comfort zone.

The ruler of Sag, Jupiter, is by transit at this time making its way through Taurus, still retrograde, adding a more private and introverted tone to the energy. Jupiter in Taurus asks us to belief in our own self-worth and ability to create abundance in our life.  Impacting on this New Moon however, it turns our attention to the wisdom of Nature, the seasonality of the year and our time here on Earth. Perhaps a good time to explore any wisdom traditions connected closely with Nature, such as Paganism or Shamanism, listening and learning from our bodies which are part of Mother Gaia all around.
The downside to this energy can us take too far down the 3D, material way of being and cause us to over-do our desire for abundance. But, acting to balance this potential trap of being caught up on the 3D, we have at this time Neptune in Pisces, in a challenging square to the New Moon in Sag. Neptune is particularly strong at this time, having just stationed direct and moving very slowly and significantly affecting this part of your chart. In Pisces, the sign of the Mystic and Psychic frequencies, the energy draws us inward into the liminal realms where the veil between the world is thin. Again, like the Jupiter in Taurus influence we are invited to listen inwardly and not be too distracted by the adventures ‘out there’ but rather go on a vision quest or pilgrimage within. Perhaps this is channelled into something creating such as music, dance, poetry or painting.
The square to Neptune might find us feeling a bit lost, confused and ‘foggy’ at this time. What am I doing? Where am I going? Remember that Neptune always invites us to go within and listen to the little quiet voice within, whether you call this Soul, Intuition or Higher Self.

Wishing you a Soulful New Moon,



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