New Moon in Sagittarius -Lucky Meaning-seeking!

New Moon in Sagittarius 23rd November 2022

This Wednesday at 1 degree of Sagittarius we have the second lunation of the month of November. At this time the intense energy of the eclipses earlier in the month are fading slightly and we might draw a sigh of relief as we enter Sagittarius season.

The transition from Scorpio to Sagittarius season around the 22nd of November every year is one of going from one approach to wisdom to another. In Scorpio we are invited to dig deep, look ourselves honestly in the mirror, face our fears and vulnerabilities and it can be a scary, tough time of year as nature starts its the death decay and composting phase in earnest. The light is also definitely fading and the daylight hours decreasing dramatically.
In Scorpio season I draw the parallel to the Celtic pagan festival of Samhain, which was the new year for this ancient people. In the dark of All Hallows the veil is thought to be thin and for us to more easily connect to our ancestors and other guides of the occult. Likewise, in Scorpio season it is conducive to use out intuition and connect to our inner dark feminine wisdom.
I also often think of this feminine water (Scorpio) season as a cave excavation with its strong Plutonian undertow, turning over stones hitherto unexamined and unconscious pattern rarely surfacing to shine a light of consciousness at unaccepted parts of ourselves.
In Sag season however I picture us (maybe as a Centaur) coming to the end of the underground cave or tunnel and finding ourselves on a mountaintop outcrop with the starry skies above and the land of the living below. In contrast to Scorpio being Pluto/Mars rules the following Sagittarius season is coloured by its benefic ruler Jupiter, associated with all thing big, generous, Santa-like, abundant but also with wisdom.
This fire, yang energy wisdom of Sag however, represents the time of year when we await the lights’ slow return at the Midwinter Solstice and in more modern time Christianity of Advent. There is hope here is a benevolent force of some sort, bigger than us.
At this time of the New Moon we are invited to sit with this feeling of renewed hope, in ourselves, in the world, in the Universe as a whole, which in its weird and wonderful way is going through its ever-turning cycles of change and renewal. We are supported at this time to take a more philosophical view of our situation, after feeling it intensely in Scorpio season. We take aim with our bow and arrow and set intensions, as always at a New Moon, of open-mindedness, spiritual faith, fun and meaning-finding.
Additionally as we have this new moon, its ruler Jupiter in Pisces is stationing and making its impact even more prominent for a couple of weeks. Jupiter traditionally ruler both Sag and Pisces and brings together these energies here in a very supportive way of all things Jupiterian. And as always it is very useful to keep an eye on both the positive and negative end of the spectrum of manifestation.

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Trusting in the Universe                                              but not over-doing the risks

Feeling abundant                                                         without going into debt

Having Faith in Lady Luck                                            whilst also putting in the work

Enjoying yourself                                  without waking up with a hangover/regrets

Staying open to spiritual downloads                     whilst also listening to the body

Feel buoyant with Truth and Meaning of life            whilst avoiding preaching and over enthusiasm

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