New Moon in Scorpio November 4th - Intuitively felt change

Today as we come to the lowest energy point in the lunar cycle, the New Moon, we are again invited to draw our energy inwards along with Mother Earth and in the darkness set an intention for the coming month. Here at 12-13 degrees of Scorpio the intuitive, investigative and intense energies of the the second water sign might give us a message in the body using our emotional intelligence rather than a mental thought. As this new moon directly opposes and taps into the forces of Uranus in Taurus, these messages might be sudden and unexpected, like a lightning from a clear sky, shedding light on the dark places of our fears or vulnerabilities.

This new moon is followed by Mercury and Mars making contact with Uranus during November and so a new intention, connected to a change towards a more authentic life (Uranus), felt or sensed at this point in time is well supported with mental clarity and desicion (Mercury-Uranus) and then action and assertion (Mars-Uranus). 

Some helpful questions at this New Moon might be;

- What change (Uranus) would feel a bit scary but very truthful (Moon in Scorpio)?

- How am I called to feel authentic (Uranus) now if I'm completely honest with myself (Scorpio)?

- Which unconventional behaviours (Uranus) make me feel fear or vulnerability (Moon in Scorpio)?

- Which felt fears or traumas (Scorpio) block or hinder me from authentic change (Uranus) in my life?




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  • I love that. The questions at the bottom seem very appropriate.


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