New Moon in Scorpio -Sinking Bravely into Truth and Authenticity

On the 13th of November we come to our new moon of the month this time in Scorpio, the sign associated with the Detective, the Occult or the Shaman. The New moon is a good time to rest and have some quiet time in sync with the low-point in the cycle, where the moon goes into the dark to be reborn. Expect low energy and less outward activity from yourself for some lovely self-care, perhaps some intentions for the next month will surface.
Going into the dark is a theme that resonates well with Scorpio as there is a tendency with this energy to want to delve deep into emotional undercurrents and hidden psychological drives in order to shine the light of consciousness where shameful or guilty secrets have been swept under the carpet. Somehow, they are not at all as big or scary as we imagine when brought out to be compassionately understood and accepted. However, it does take courage and resolve to let yourself look at painful situations, past or present, so it is a time for feeling the fear and doing it anyway knowing this time promises some fruitful and liberating insights for you.

This new moon is also tied in with a powerful opposition which has Mars fused with the New Moon facing up to Uranus in Taurus. As Mars is associated with taking action courageously and what we feel passionate about the link to the Moon adds emotional volatility which could see rage and tantrum erupt from the deep suppressed feelings of Scorpio. However, blocking this, and in a sense adding to the explosiveness is the planet of Change, Uranus, which is operating from a completely different perspective in Taurus. There could be frustration at this time, of trying to move forward in our personal mission but facing a roadblock of unexpected change or disruption perhaps of a physical nature in Taurus. A good time to walk and drive carefully for sure!
As integration is always the higher ground with any transit and although somewhat challenging with an opposition, there seems to be a message here of making sure that whatever powerful action (Mars in Scorpio) we are taking at this time is really in line with our evolving authentic selves (Uranus in Taurus). Uranus is a futuristic and progressive planet which calls us to not be afraid to stand out and incorporate the unconventional into our mission.

What slightly out-there interests or passions are you brave enough to embrace now?

How can the progressive yet down to earth practices come into to hold the deep emotional waters?

Which under-the-surface and perhaps uncomfortable truths would be life-changing to acknowledge?

Are the plans of action I am passionate about good for my body and sense of peace?

Wishing you a powerfully liberating New Moon!



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