Pisces Full Moon 17th September 2022 at 17 degrees -Release and Let Go

Helpful Question at this Full Moon

- What is coming to an end naturally in your life?

- What would you like to let go of now?

- What would you like to have the courage to end in order to begin something new?

- Where might this new beginning show signs of emerging?

- If you were safe what risk would you like to take?

Full Moon in Pisces September 2022

The September Full Moon falls this weekend at 17 degrees of Pisces, with autumnal showers already blessing us here in Cornwall with their promise of the Autumn Equinox soon to come. The sight of red hawthorn berries and glistening dark blackberries along with velvet sloes brighten up my morning walks across the fields under big, dramatic skies.

Here in the season on Virgo, there is a sense of urgency to gather all nature’s bounty in preparation for the coming winter months. Like busy squirrels we might feel, darting here and there, organising, collecting, tidying and generally being productive.
During this time of work and taking care of the day-to-day, this full moon comes along in the opposite sign of Pisces offering some respite and an opportunity to balance the tempo with some time-out. Pisces is a water-sign, in contrast to Virgo’s earthy priorities, feeling it’s way intuitively, dreaming and connecting to all the emotional and spiritual energy around. Pisces taps into these realms through mediums such as music, poetry and stories, inviting us to float gently on the glittering waves of the ocean.
Being the last sign of the zodiac Pisces also helps us surrender and let go. It can be a time at this full moon of having endings illuminated. There might have been a process in the background since the last Pisces new moon six months ago now coming to a head. Grief and sadness might come up as things leave us and creates a vacuum or a sense of void.
However, if we be gentle with ourselves and let whatever is falling away go with our blessing, this stage of 2022 can be a blissful release and weight left behind.

When observing the placement of the two co-rulers of Pisces, Neptune in Pisces and Jupiter in Aries, which the moon will swiftly move over in the days after the full moon, there seems to be a telling the story of endings, but with Jupiter in Aries, there is a part that is also a new beginning. The Twelfth sign proceeded by the First sign. Jupiter in Aries is bold and full of faith and optimist in the creative power of life. The void and the emptiness is necessary for the new seed to have space to sprout.

We also have a helpful sextile aspect to the full moon from Uranus and the North node in Taurus, adding some spontaneous and surprising energy to the mix. The rebellious nature of Uranus perhaps assisting us in striking out on our own, saying ‘no’ to the things in our lives we are ready to let go of and the Taurean motivations finding new, practical, real ways to be safe and secure in taking a new path in life. Uranus energy always invite us to expect the unexpected, to be original and eccentric and to show our unique individual self.
Uranus being conjunct the North Node and also joining within 2 degrees in the on-going square to Saturn, makes this full moon significant in a bigger way. The dance we’ve been experiencing in 2021 and 2022 between Uranus and Saturn, the old and the new, the rebellion vs the authority, the progressive vs the protective, is being highlighted here in some way.
The transiting North Node can provide a guiding light to us all, connecting with our own individual charts in different ways, however with the NN forming a sextile and traveling with Uranus at this time, there is a significant forward guiding influence here, with this path being shone a light on at this full moon at 17 degrees of Pisces.

Wishing you all an insightful and inspired Full Moon,

Warm wishes,



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