Pisces New Moon -Entering the Liminal Space

This Sunday, the 10th we have our first lunation of March; a New Moon in the sign of Pisces at 20 degrees. As always at the New Moon it is a time of less energy as the sun and moon come together for their monthly stocktaking meeting. It is a seeding point and rebirth of energy, a good time for us to take some time out and slow down to dream and envision what to take forward in the next four weeks.

Pisces is the sign associated with the archetype of the Mystic, the Visionary, the Dreamer and the Poet. It is the last sign of the zodiac before the new year rises with Aries, hence this is a favourable time for surrender, tapping into the meditative energy all around and open ourselves up to receive inspirations and messages from beyond.
The sign of the fish swim the ocean of consciousness, which can be tumultuous on the surface, falling victim to the ups and downs of the surface level reality. The water element of this sign can leave Pisces feeling emptiness and totality all at once and can be overwhelmed by this strong sensitivity. Intuition, psychic abilities as well as creative flow is supported at this time, if only we set aside some time to let our mind and ego step aside to allow it. Listening to music or reading poetry can facilitate this transcendent space of mind, where imagination and dreaming puts us in touch with more of ourselves.
The side of Pisces which can trip us up at this time is a level of feeling everything which leaves us feeling lost and helpless. There can be a lot of collective grief touching us at this time, bubbling up to be released at the surface, tears falling seemingly over nothing, as if something larger than us was being channelled through for the benefit of humanity. If some form of escapism calls like sirens, know that this releasing is a draining process which can call for withdrawal and removal from the hecticness and stress of everyday life.

With both Saturn and Neptune currently also travelling through Pisces, this New Moon forms a meeting point of sorts, places right in the middle of these slow process planets. There is a for-shadowing here of what is to come when Saturn catches up to Neptune next year. A suggestion perhaps to get us started on the commitment and making structured (Saturn) of our connection to Source and our Souls’ wisdom (Neptune).

Helpful questions at this time;

What puts me in a meditative flow and when can I find time to engage regularly?

What is coming to the surface for me which might below to the Collective/Ancestors?

What dreams, sleeping of wake, are active at this time?

Wishing you a dreamy New Moon,


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