Lightening the Load -Scorpio Lunar Eclipse 15-16th May at 25 degrees

Following our recent Solar Eclipse in Taurus on the 30th of April, here comes its counterpart, a Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio, this upcoming Monday morning at 5am. As always this time of year we have a May full moon in Scorpio, but this year it forms part of, and is exentuated by this being an eclipse.

The ancients viewed eclipses, when the luminary is somehow blocked and looking unlike its usual self, as a bad omen in some way. Astrologers have since learnt that although indeed auspicious, the eclipses can form portals of speedy growth and change, especially if we choose to work with them consciously. Very often we are gifted with some sort of beginning of a closing and a seed for rapid incoming of new beginnings being planted unfoling during the next six months until the next eclipse season. Perhaps something feels like it's loosing its energy and momentum, whilst another area of your life is picking up, gradually rising and coming forward.

This eclipse being a Lunar one, there is more of an internal, private, emotional and yin tint to the energy (solar eclipses presenting in a more external, yang way).
In the sign of Scorpio, a feminine, water energy, it seems well-suited as this naturally wants to be more inward looking, often investigating emotionally dark places, not afraid of looking deep, digging through the mulch of our lives to transform and process taboo subjects such as death, sex and trauma.

We might therefore, at this time be blessed with a light of illumination of something emotionally dramatic to release and let go off. There might be a sudden; Oh I didn't realise I carried all this 'dead weight' (Scorpio), but now I can see it I can let go of this way of thinking/this behavioural pattern or this emotional association with...which I have carried.
A symbolic way to work with this might be to choose an unused cupboard or wardrobe full of old stuff, taking a torchlight and shining in to see what is at the back, then sorting what is still of use and what can be let go of. Possessions can sometimes have very strong emotional ties which, without us realising, weigh us down or keep us in the past.

Of course, with the current North Node in Taurus as well as the previous Solar Eclipse in the sign of the Bull, there is a sign post being pointed in the direction of the Simple Life, the Peaceful existence and the Abundance of Nature all around. We are perchance made suddenly aware of the past intense, entangled relationships with other people's energy, intuitively, tentatively, maybe fearfully feeling our way (Scorpio); and through this awareness gain insight of easier, more calm ways of practicing the everyday yoga of relating, as Steven Forrest wisely puts it.

During the last Solar Eclipse something new we now want to focus on might have come to our awareness. Something peaceful, simple, abundant and natural we now value, in Taurus fashion. Now, at the Scorpio eclipse, at the opposite side of the zodiac, it is as if we realise we have emotional ties of some kind to let go of and offer up for healing, in order to step more fully into the abundant reality of the current Taurus North node.

At this Lunar Eclipse we have a strong aspect from Saturn in Aquarius, adding a certain gravitas and serious tone to the conversation. Saturn, the energy of what we don't feel like doing, here in Aquarius there might be something to be learnt through being your unique, wart-and-all-Self in a social context. Saturn helps us with boundaries and perseverance and in Aquarius it is motivated by contributing to friends/groups/the wider community through bravely standing out and doing things differently, perhaps in an original, progressive way.
This Saturn also helps us establish firm boundaries whilst relating, which is what Scorpio can find tricky and easily dig too deep into the emotionally tender places.
In in the higher manifestations of Aquarius on the other hand, we don't just rebel for rebellings sake, but in an individuated way know our individual starry selves keenly from our social conditioning.

At this time of great potential change and release, we might drop some of these questions into our higher knowing, like little pebbles into a deep pond of wisdom.

Dear Universe,

Which heavy emotions of the past might be operating in the back of my unconsious, making decisions for me?

What fears might not be needed anymore to keep me safe?

What past traumas might be holding me back from living a more simple, peaceful life?

When in relating, can I lean into trusting being safe and silent in my body, instead of intensely exchanging energy and emotions with the Other?

How can I make a unique contribution to my community by being my truly eccentric, out-there Self?

Wishing you all a Bright Bluebell Lunar Eclipse!

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