Sagittarius Full Moon –Inward Exploration of The Good Life

Here on the 23rd of May we have our second Lunation of the month in the sign of the Archer at 2 degrees.
As always the Full Moon is the culmination of the lunar cycle when the energy of the sun reflected from the moon is at its peak and life tends to get somewhat busy and sometimes frantic. It is also a time for insights and of something coming into focus and fruition.
In the sign of Sagittarius, associated with the archetypes of the Philosopher, the Traveller and the Scholar, we might find ourselves questing for truth or purpose in Life.
Sag is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of expansion and generosity, and so this is good time to explore our beliefs and opinions, keeping in mind that our truth might not be the truth of someone else. It is also a good time to set out on an adventure, even if from the comfort of your own sofa, to be touched and immersed in a foreign culture or way of being. This way we can work with the energy of expansion that Jupiter invited here and to be a pilgrim of sorts, journeying to a new place not previously explored. The theme of Belief comes up strongly here along with the need to explore this drive within us.

Jupiter is also conjunct this full Moon, along with Venus, although still in Taurus, which adds a grounded, peaceful nature to this time. Taurus enjoys the good things in life along with stability and financial abundance. Perhaps a good time for an Abundance meditation or a Slow-cook feast with beautiful ingredients.
Listening your inner Wise Animal nature whisper to you of its needs and desires might be a beautiful practice for this Full Moon.

Some helpful questions at this time

-What new ways of simple enjoyment come into my awareness now?

-How does my Inner Wise Animal find peace, pleasure and stillness in a new way?

-What Nature adventure would my Soul feel nourished by?

-What new beliefs and opinions around my own Truth might surface for my attention?

Wishing you a Meaningful and Peaceful Full Moon in Sag,



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