Saturn station in Pisces - Moving forward creatively

This week we have Saturn, the planet of doing what we do not feel like doing, coming to a standstill in the sky from our perspective here on Earth, exact on the 4t November. Whenever this standstill occurs in the havens it emphasises and intensifies the energy of the planet in question.

Saturn, by transit, symbolises our gradual maturation, from Maiden, to Mother to Crone, young life, middle life to the stage of the Elder. Hence, its coming to certain point in your chart invites a new level of maturity, responsibility and duty. Not all fun, one might think, but when we do Saturn right, he rewards us with self-respect, real tangible results and a sense of accomplishment.
Since March 2023 we have experienced Saturn in Pisces, which is not a natural sign for the planet of boundaries and structure. Pisces is a water sign, highly sensitive to the energies of the world and beyond. Often associated with the archetype of the Mystic, the Poet or the Musician, it does not match easily with the planet of the 3D reality. However, as always we are invited to be creative and find ways to integrate energies as best possible. The higher manifestation of this combination might be to bring structure and responsibility to our spiritual practice. Or find a find an Elder to help us on our energetic healing path. A regular commitment to swim and engage with water perhaps or to establish healthy boundaries in terms of our exposure to the world.

On the not so healthy side of this energy we might solidify escapist habits which distract us from our long-term projects, be it is important to be very intentional with your energy and time. Saturn is the great time-keeper after all, which when looking back at our life wants a sense of self-dignity and respect. So as we move forward with Saturn it might productive (and let’s face it, Saturn loves productive) to ask ourselves what new Great Works or challenges we might consider worthy of our time.

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