Scorpio Full Moon -Letting our vulnerability be our SuperPower

Scorpio Full Moon 23rd April at 4 degrees

Busy, intense times! Here at the beginning of Taurus season we have our second lunation of the month and the first after eclipse season, in the sign of the Scorpion.
Weaving in the bigger picture which this full moon illuminates, the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction peaking on the 20th April is still very much active and counterbalancing in the Taurus energy of our physical, material, grounded reality with a more hidden, secret, intuitive and shadow side of Scorpio.

The full moon phase always intensifies, energises and shines a spotlight of solar consciousness on its sign, making this an energetic peak of the lunar cycle. Here in the 8th sign of the zodiac, we are invited to be with a watery, fixed and Plutonic vibe, which might not be comfortable. The moon, symbolising our feeling function, is traditionally labelled as in its Fall in Scorpio for this reason; it’s not an easy, light, playful energy. It is important to acknowledge this to fully meet ourselves in what we might be encountering at this time.
The Scorpio energy dives deep and feels intensely where there is trauma, shame, guilt, powerlessness and emotional hurt. It is driven to look in the dark cave, in the soul of the perpetrator, under the buried secrets and to explore the cellar of the haunted house. This is very much in the spirit of Pluto, Lord of the Underworld and entering Hades’ domain take a lot of courage and strength, which is where the second, ancient ruler of Scorpio comes in; Mars. Because even though Scorpio can sometimes get in too deep for its own comfort, often resulting in a doom-and-gloom, depressed mood, it also carries with it enormous power, drive and psychological intelligence to embrace the vulnerable, raw and denied parts of us, which hold us back.
This meeting of our Shadow, as Jung called it, is deeply healing. Healing which is necessary to free us from unconscious behavioural patterns developed as a result of difficult experiences, to protect us, but which no longer serve us, and in fact hold us back from going forward. In short, we open up to more choice. Example; If I’m no longer afraid/shameful/guilty/defensive/angry about x/y/z, I might be able to give energy to this dream/wish/growth opportunity over here. Which lead us nicely to the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction at this time, opening up a whole new 14-year cycle, and which I see very much as an invitation to expand, to take a risk, to have faith in our unique, maybe eccentric, but ultimately an expression of authentic, true self.

Some helpful questions/invitations at this time

  • Can I allow myself to feel my discomfort and honour it by simply sitting with it in my body?
  • What difficulty might be holding me back from wishing BIG at this time?
  • Can I trust that divine timing is bringing this up now, because I am ready to be with it and draw wisdom and empowerment from it?
  • What is my feminine/yin intuition telling me about the growth and changes happening now (Jupiter-Uranus conjunct & after Eclipse season)?
  • Can I let vulnerability be a superpower now and guide me to an authentic, integrated self in relating to those around me?

Wishing you a powerful, transformative Full Moon in Scorpio,



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