Scorpio Lunar Eclipse -Embracing the Dark

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 15 degrees of Scorpio Friday 5th May 2023

At the end of this week on May 5th, we have the last Eclipse of this Eclipse season, its effects reverberating for the next six months until the next pair of eclipses in the autumn.

Eclipses can be associated with endings and beginnings having long lasting effects on us, especially if they occur in conversation with our natal chart planets. As always with all full moons feelings and energy is intensified and an eclipse heightens that full moon vibe.
As this time the eclipse happens in Scorpio, a fixed water sign, dealing with our shadow material, with taboos and secrets and our intuitive depths it’s important during this eclipse to simply feel…simply feel…without needing to understand why or analysing.

Scorpio can get in to depths too scary for its own comfort causing fear, paranoia, shame, guilt and well as defensiveness if feeling threatened. The trick is not to act or let the mind run riot from those emotions. Simply feeling, honouring and observing them in order for them to be acknowledged and released. All is welcome, all is allowed.
You might have feelings come up which you know have tricked you up in the past or which you feel ashamed of. Instead of judging and pushing them away see if you can allow them to be there and to maybe allow it to speak of its needs. In Thomas Moores’ classic book Care of the Soul he writes about the Souls’ needs sometimes expressed through taboo emotions such as jealousy, envy, melancholy and longing and that if we can stay with them the Soul gets a chance to be cared for in a deeply healthy way.
Scorpio also taps into the occult and being a feminine sign links with our inner dark feminine powers and shamanic occultism of journeys into mysterious realms. In this way insight might bubble up of what is going on under the surface psychologically in you or in a dynamic of relating. We might feel vulnerable and raw, but knowing this leads the way to an honest, true-to-your-emotions way of relating more intimately, Scorpio promises great transformation and release if we can descend and simply feel first.

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