Scorpio Solar Eclipse - Rising in our Re-born Truth

Scorpio Solar Eclipse Oct 25th 2022 at 2 degrees of Scorpio

Eclipse season is here! Do you remember 6 months ago in April May when we had the last set of eclipses? Well, here they come again, ready to shake up things in their path.
Eclipses always come in pairs, one lunar and one solar with approximately six month in between, and gradually reversing back through the sign pairs of the zodiac.
These times of year are speeding up points and we are right to expect some acceleration wherever the eclipse falls in your chart, coloured of course by the sign of the eclipse.
In the intense and dramatic sign of the scorpion there is already a level of transformation in the air, which doubles up with the nature of eclipses; ground-breaking and change inducing.
Scorpio is the sign of intimacy, vulnerability, sex, death and the occult. With Venus co-joining this eclipse (at 2 degrees of Scorpio) the filter of relationships, how we relate, what brings us harmony and our aesthetic preferences has to be applied to the equation.
Venus in Scorpio is not terribly comfortable as it is opposite to its home-sign of Taurus. However, to work with her is to embrace honesty, truth, vulnerability, intuition and emotional intelligence making the most of might feel a bit like a re-birthing, phoenix rising situation.

Let’s make this more personal and apply the eclipse to the house it falls in in your chart.
To find out which house the eclipse will be go to to draw up your chart.

Scorpio Eclipse through the Houses

1st House Eclipse

In this house of self-representation and appearances there might be something about how you come across upon first meeting you. Perhaps there is a sudden shift in your style, whether that’s clothing, haircut or maybe a something scorpionic like a piercing or tattoo.

2nd House Eclipse

Here is where to look for the level of self-worth and confidence. There might be a sudden upgrade of your power and a rising of feeling fully equipped to deal with a relationship pattern or issue.
On a more material level the second house can bring about money or possessions. Perhaps a sudden pay rise?

3rd House Eclipse

Transformative verbal exchanges! Perhaps a very honest conversation happens unexpectedly, requiring truthful relaying of thoughts and emotions being easier to articulate. The 3rd house can also manifest in short distance travel, so beware of road rage and accidents.

4th House Eclipse

If Scorpio falls in your fourth house this time might manifest as a dramatic family drama storm brewing up, causing family members to be truthful and vulnerable. It might also apply to a home or house changing or transforming in some way. A sudden break from family ties or past inner life traumas could also surface.

5th House Eclipse

In the house of children, leisure and romance, this eclipse could very well bring about a new smoking hot date, or indeed a new born child for ever changing your life. Perhaps a new Scorpio leisure activity such as witchcraft, tattooing or kickboxing suddenly becomes available.

6th House Eclipse

Changes in the office! Might there be a dramatic time at work? With the 6th house ruling everyday routines, pets and health this could also mean an out of the blue health matter coming up. Perhaps more power over your everyday tasks and schedule.

7th House Eclipse

A sudden encounter, perhaps a love interest with this house presiding over relationships! However, it also deals with one-to-one interactions on a client or friend level. It is tempting with this eclipse in the 7th not to talk of meeting tall, dark strangers! It could equally be a marriage proposal or a sudden departure of a close person.

8th House Eclipse

In the house of Death and Transformation this eclipse could throw up matters of intimacy, vulnerability not to mention the Otherworldly. A releasing welling up of emotions stored in the body could bring a new internal re-birth and lease of life. Ground, ground, ground!

9th House Eclipse

This could manifest as a book contract, publishing being an 9th house matter, suddenly coming through. Or perhaps the call comes from the depth of your soul to embark on a spiritual pilgrimage or some kind. New world beliefs informing you might come into stark focus and be emphasised.

10th House Eclipse

A new intense mission in the world presents itself in full view. A new career path opening up, in a direction previously hidden in the unconscious. An old role in the community falling away, leaving a void full of potential. Relating honestly and directly in a work situation might be required unexpectedly.

11th House Eclipse

A vision of the future presents itself where you are part of a greater whole, a tribe, a community, being a valued contribution, a cog of a movement you are deeply resonating with. An eclipse here could also bring about your regular group to an end, leaving space and time for a more updated, more in-line, heart resonating opportunity to connect with like-minded people.

12th House Eclipse

In the house of ego-undoing and cosmic connection this eclipse could bring a deep sense of spiritual re-setting. It might be a time to retreat into a peaceful solitude, lingering in the magical space between sleep and awake letting the dream space come forward to release karmic residues and people.


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