Solar Eclipse in Taurus this Saturday 30th April

Abundance is here!

Eclipse season ahoy! Both lunar and like this one, solar, eclipses offer sudden opportunities to let go of something in order to leave room and space for new things to come in. With solar eclipses these events often manifest in the external, materials word whereas Lunar eclises offer more internal releases and insights.
Here in Taurus at 10 degrees the theme of this eclipse circles around values, material possessions, resources, what we feel worthy of and how this can practically be accomplished. Other Taurus areas include the body, food, nature, Nature, animals, money and the five senses. The higher manifestation of Taurus is one of self-worth, peace and contentedness with a simple life. I always think of Hobbits and the Shire in relation to Taurus, the slow, dependable way of living, changing slowly and steadily plodding on in a natural, traditional way.
Dependant on which house this eclipse falls in in your chart, it will manifest according with the themes of this life arena, but gerenally eclipses are quantum leaps in a certain direction.
This eclipse in widely conjunct Uranus adding the invitation of living authentically and according to your own unique vaules however conventional and quirky. This 10 degrees of Taurus is where back in 2020 Uranus stationed retrogreade and went back and forward, really stirring the pot and challenging us to break down our existing boundaries and update what we value now and how we connect with our body, natural surroundings and also food. How can we do this in our own way without feeling like outlaws, rebels or eccentrics (Uranus)?
So in this way, something in 2020 was cleared out, exploded, shattered in order for this eclipse to come along and offer something new coming in.
This eclipse is ruled by Venus, goddess of what we love and value, and at the this transit she is in her sign of exaltation, feeling really at ease in Pisces where she can be very romantic, dreamy, and unconditionally loving. She is also conjunct Jupiter, King of the Gods, expanding this feeling of selflessness, universal connection and deep sentiment with all. Jupiter can also bring luck and sometimes manifest in the form of a spiritual teacher, especially in his ruling sign of Pisces.
This eclipse also falls close to the Celtic festival of Beltane on the 1st of May, which the ancients celebrated in honour of the peak of Spring with fires burning away the old and making way for the new season.
A time to celebrate, recognise and recieve abundance indeed!

Helpful Questions at this time
- What material things, treats, upgrades do I now feel worthy of manifesting?
- How has my taste in food/music/home decorations changed in the last couple of years?
- What now gives me a sense of self-worth and confidence?
- How/when do I connect with nature in a way that leaves me feeling peace and calm?

Wishing you a fruitful Eclipse!

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