Sun-Mars conjunction in Scorpio -A Reset of our Passions

On the 17/18th November we will see the Sun and Mars come together for their team meeting in the havens which only happens once every two years. This is an opportunity for us to work with the Universe in terms of our plan of action for the next two years. What are we passionate about now? What are we willing to cultivate courage in order to go through with?
In Scorpio season there is a deep drive to go beneath the surface and feel intuitively around what is moving beyond our conscious awareness. This team meeting and in a sense rebirth for Mars marks a new cycle of the Scorpio side of life, developing wisdom and raw honesty with ourselves, letting every feeling be allowed and invited to the table.
Mars is strong in Scorpio, as one of its rulers along with Aries, but takes action with strategy, longevity and precision. Scorpio directs the Mars energy downward into the watery depths of our existence and is ultimately about healing and transformation. Vulnerability and raw intimacy also features with this combination. It needs the Mars courage for sure, to plunge into such depths. Starting a dream diary could be a powerful resolution now. Or indeed start seeing a therapist. A hypnotherapy course, perhaps. Or joining a Shamanic drumming circle. Any venture into the unseen dimensions which energises and fires you up is auspicious now.

A good question at this time is: Where am I being asked to develop courage and resolve?

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