Total Lunar Eclipse in Taurus –A Quantum Leap in our Collective Unfolding

Nature calls us home!
This eclipse on the 8th of November in Taurus makes a crescendo of energy bursting forth in potentially uncontrollable ways. When very stability loving and slow-moving energies mix with electric, lightning-bold and spontaneous ones there can be potential for huge shifts, both personally and collectively.

Eclipses are opportunities to get a helping hand to end old patterns and themes in our lives in order to get a sudden glimpse of the new. The space and the vacuum of something leaving us can be uncomfortable to experience but undeniably needed to make room for something new.

To understand better what these end and beginnings might revolve around I would invite exploring the Scorpio –Taurus axis. Here are some of the key opposites we are working with at this time;

Scorpio (The Solar Eclipse on the 25th)   --------- Taurus (Lunar Eclipse 8th Nov)

Complexity                                                                Simplicity
Depth psychology                                                    Nature-Bathing
Energetically intense conversations                     Silence         
Defence                                                                     Peace
Intuition                                                                    Body sensations                                             
Water                                                                        Earth
TRAUMA                                             SELF-WORTH/VALUE                                                            

HOWEVER, both Scorpio and Taurus are fixed signs, but fixated on opposite things. Scorpio on the emotional, felt dimension and Taurus on the material, 3D reality. In so, there is something about this eclipse which are conjunct the nodes of fate about moving from the complexity of the emotional realm to the simplified realm of the physically experienced present.
Listening to the teachings of Eckhart Tolle this week, he points, as always to the simple being present in the moment. Something our minds find very hard precisely because it is so simple. He also says, on a personality level it is interesting to know all about your psychology (Scorpio) but it is irrelevant to the Beingness of the here and now.
On that note, there is an opportunity with this eclipse to put things to rest, to peace. Maybe some old ghosts (Scorpio) have been hiding in the cupboards, creating a draining atmosphere of secrets can now be put to rest, perhaps in the ground with beautiful flowers growing on top.

Now, as this eclipse is conjunct Uranus the Awakener, you might find it is wise to except the unexpected to avoid shock and chaos. There is an explosiveness and lightning-bolt energy to Uranus, so out-of-the-blue experiences are definitely on the table.
The on-going Saturn-Uranus square has been a long-standing tug-of-war throughout the last year roughly, asking us to integrate our old responsibilities (Saturn) with the new, revolutionary, progressive (Uranus) life direction (North Node) and as this Lunar Eclipse join forces with Uranus here in November, just as these two, very chalk and cheese energies are moving out of conversation, it almost marks a grand finale or graduation. We might see some results in the 3D realm (Taurus) materialising.

Wishing you an exciting Taurus Lunar Eclipse!



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