Venus ingress into Libra -Relationship change for the better

This week we have the transit of Venus moving from the sign of Virgo, where it has been in residence from the 5th-29th September, into the sign of Libra.
Venus as a planet and psychological function is usually linked to one on one relationships, how we connect with each other, who we are attracted to and what our aesthetic preferences are, as well as how we enjoy life. However, the sign Venus occupies in the birth chart can also give us some helpful hints and pointers as to how we come back to harmony and equanimity within ourselves, how we self-sooth and what Love Language we make use of.

As transiting planets in sky, the celestial weather so to speak, come in contact with planets within our unique birth chart they highlight, awaken and energise that side of us or part of our lives. Venus here in this energetic shift is no different. Dependant on whether the Virgo and Libra areas of your chart have planets or points natally will determine whether you will feel this transit more readily.

To understand the energetic change this week, in how we relate and form relationships, usually with other people but also within ourselves, we need to familiarise ourselves with the differences between Virgo values and motivations compared to Libra ones.
Venus is Virgo relates through being practical (have you thought of using an electric blanket instead of a radiator in the bedroom to keep warm at night? Did you know there is a better way to do whatever it is you’re doing? Why don’t you eat more healthily, it’s better for you!) You get the gist, the practicality of Virgo can come across as critical and nit-picking, acutely aware of their partner’s areas of improvement instead of virtues.
Venus in Virgo enjoys to be taking care of her health, to hand-knit this year’s woolly sock herself, to tidy away all the summer clothes neatly folded, to have all the condiments neatly in a row with labels facing to be easily read. Venus is Virgo is busy, very busy, getting it all perfect and just so and is quite happy staying at home tidying her desk on a Friday evening instead of going out.

In traditional astrology Venus is called in her Detriment In Virgo. Why is this? Detriment sounds a bit harsh! Whilst having patience with the archaic term we can get a hint of that this label also serves a purpose we can draw some understanding from. The answer lies in understanding the function of Venus. As discussed above Venus is about relating, about forming bridges between self and other, forging connections and bonds. But in Virgo the energy is channelled more towards work, health and being practical (it is an earth sign after all), hence Venus struggles to be at her best in this sign.

In Libra however, Venus is in what is called her domicile, she is at home here. She can function very well as the sign and the planetary function are both singing from the same hymn-sheet.
Libra is all about relationships, beauty, finesse, grace, nice-ness, elegance, the arts and harmony. Libra wants to be sociable and to go see friends on a Friday night. She wants to listen and be friendly and discuss the paradoxes of life (Libra is an air sign).
So as Venus makes this transition this week you might feel a part of you relaxing where some tension was being held. You might find yourself enjoying the beauty of a sunset or the catch-up conversation with a friend. Connections not made time for in busy bee Virgo season suddenly knocking on your door, or phoning out of the blue.
A nice balance might come about naturally between work and relaxing with a partner, making the busyness of life more cushioned and gently held. Or an equality in a close relationship might be achieved, where both parties feel engaged and cherished. A way out of an on-going quarrel might present itself through a friendly dialogue. Things can come to a diplomatic and fair resolution by listening and compromising, seeing the other person’s point of view. It is a lovely time for Venus to be sure!

However, it would be wrong of me to speak of Venus in Libra as having no challenges or shadow side, all signs do. It’s just the Libra challenges are different from the Virgo ones, and in terms of relating Venus is more able to work with them in Libra. Fairness, equality and friendly-ness become the top priorities but without the risk taking these to an unhealthy extreme, letting nice-ness come at the expense of honesty, diplomacy at the expense of decision. Bearning these potentials in mind we can now enjoy about a month of some peace, garciousness and elegance in our human interactions, the Gods willing!

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