Virgo Full Moon - Grounding the Mysterious

Virgo Full Moon February 2024 at 5 degrees

As the lunar cycle comes to its peak this month it will shine a light on the sign of Virgo, the archetype of the Analyst, the Skilful Worker and the Priestess. As the culmination of light reflected from the body of the moon, it offers us insight into this part of our chart and area of life.
The energy of Virgo, particularly if you have personal planets in this sign, will be activated at this time and provided with an opportunity to work with the buzz and life force of the lit up moon.

Virgo is the sign associated with how we find Worthy Work and a Sense of Service in the world. It is a busy sign, linked to its mutability, and concerned with the day-to-day hands-on practical daily devotions as it is very much grounded in the element of Earth. It is also more introverted and perceptive being a Feminine, a Yin sign.
Virgo, at its best, provides a bridge and conversation between the mental realm of its ruler Mercury with the wisdom of body and nature of its earthy element. This can make for a very holistic, healthy and powerful channel for the Divine into life as a sacred practice in the material realm. It is also synonymous with the very Virgoan drive to actualise our potential as a human being in this incarnation. Virgo understands the routines and healthy habits, the methods and skills required on this life journey, as well as how to organise and bring rhythm to the everyday. Sometimes associated with the Hermit, seeking with his lantern or the Monk/Nun going about their different practices in a reverent, often silent way. In Zen Buddhism, every craft or art is done as a spiritual practice which is grounded in skill and method channelling life force energy into manifestation.

The Virgo traits that can cause stumbling blocks and challenges often take the shape of a crippling perfectionism, worry of not having done enough and anxiety manifesting in the body. This of course, can sometimes lead to illness and suffering, both mental and physical. The Inner Critic and the Monkey Mind can run away with Virgo, cutting her of from the present moment and the peace within.
Often a practical activity such as a craft, gardening, housework or connection to pets can bring relief and a soothing of the (nervous)system. However, the main benefit of these is to bring in a meditation in action and a letting go of results and achievements.
This letting go makes the connection to Virgo’s opposite sign Pisces. Now having entered Pisces season, we are given a month, as the sun travels through, to allow completed parts of us to fall away and be let go of.
This is also where we find the ruler of this Full Moon, Mercury, at this time, alongside the Sun and also Saturn. All this energy in Pisces at this time, brings emphasis to our emotionally sensitive faculties, our intuition, our ability to channel Source energy, allowing our little egos to step aside in order for divine inspiration to flow in. Pisces is often aided by the lyrical, poetic and musical realms, which can express an emotional atmosphere without the cerebral and factual.
In this balance between Virgo and Pisces, and with including Mercury and Saturn in the mix, there is a pointing towards an invitation to create structure, container and helpful habits to support our connection to less visible dimensions surrounding us. Of embodying a holding vessel for Life force and Divine energy. Perhaps this takes the shape of a mediation habit, a time each week to swim in the sea, a safe space to write poetry or a more general intention to safeguard ourselves energetically in order to better be there for others.

Wishing you a fruitful Full Moon,


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