Celtic Festival Lammas  Greeting Card

Celtic Festival Lammas Greeting Card

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A Greeting Card from the original art work, 'Lammas Flowers' by Sara Samuelsson.

Harvest Festival Celtic Season

With August and September around the corner, and with the sun already having moved into the Leo part of the summer, there is a subtle shift in Nature’s energy. The Celtic Festival of Lammas, starts this year on Saturday the first of August and marks the start of a new season within the Celtic calendar. Summer now takes on a new shroud of maturity, grasses turning from green to maturing ochers and mauves. This is the celebration of the first harvest. Seeds that were sown in spring now bear their first ripe fruits. In my garden I am reaping the rewards of succulent, tiny peas and tender courgettes. The first harvest of grains was important to the ancients as these prime, full of sun energy, provided the seeds for the next year’s sowing. In the agricultural year this was a time for celebration, dancing and feasting.

These cards are printed on high quality 324g, matte card. Please note that the inside of the card is blank and that I do not provide customizable cards with text. The cards have a natural envelope and are cello wrapped.

• 5’’ x 7’’ (12.7cm x 17.8cm)

• Ships worldwide from UK.

You can contact me if you have any questions or comments and my artwork can also be viewed at www.sarasamuelsson.co.uk or

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