Mars-Venus Conjunction in Leo 13th July

Dear Fellow Life-Travellers,

At the beginning of this week, on the 13th July, we are treated to some loving-passionate energies as Venus, archetype of love and beauty join up with Mars, energy of will, assertiveness, passion and drive.
This is happening at 19 degrees of Leo, the fire sign of extrovert radiance and pride, we might sense a surge of strong, warm, even hot energy as these two personal planets co-join and have a conversation. What do we value (Venus) in our hearts-of hearts (Leo)? And what actions (Mars) are we going to take to claim it (Leo)?

As its ruler, the Sun, Leo is a steady or Fixed Fire sign which approaches tasks and goals with determination and staying power, giving this coming together of Mars and Venus and actions taken at this time a long-lasting tone. A clue to where the activities which we find enjoyable and pleasant (Venus) overlap with how we go about doing things and assert ourselves might come to light, giving a deep sense of two halves of us walking hand-in-hand in pace and towards the same goal. With Leo colouring this union drama, passion, confidence and self-expression could well be part of our experience at this time. 

To make the most of this energy wave, try to find time to listen to your heart and what lights your fire and makes you glad to be alive.
With the big world transformations going on in the background, this quicker transit brings us back into our hearts and reminds us what life is worth living for. The activities and relationships which brings us joy and colour to our cheeks after the rather bleak times of the last year and invites us to come from a heart-centred approach of love and compassion as we build something new and beautiful for the future.

Wishing you a gorgeous summer transit this week!