If Boulders Could Cry - Fine Art  Print

If Boulders Could Cry - Fine Art Print

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Fine Art print from the original art work, 'If Boulders Could Cry' by Sara Samuelsson.

Magic of the Ancient Land

Deep in a woodland glade a colossal Boulder was quietly resting. It was the home of some of the small people who lived under it great weighty belly. Moss and lichen and little ferns grew on its back covering its granite exterior. Once a moving, living being the Boulder dreamt of the time before it had been turned to stone and looked wistfully up at the Stars above, glimpsed through the trees. This painting, oil on board, is inspired by the many giant boulders resting in under the area wooded areas of Penwith, Cornwall, very characterful, they often speak to me their own individual story using the language of no words. Fine art print on 10mm polystyrene foam core board.

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